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Writing Absolutes

Independent Publishing is as respectable as NY publishing. However, do it right. Get professionally edited. Get a professional cover.

If you write for a hot trend, by the time your book is ready, the trend you target might be glutted or have come to an end.

If an EDITOR says you don’t need an agent, get an agent.

If you go indie, you might not need an agent.

Rejection and/or bad reviews are not mortal wounds, though they might feel that way.

There is no such thing as a good rejection, but there is a hopeful one.

Poor manuscripts do not final in contests, but neither do many excellent ones.

There are contest judges who DO know what they’re talking about.

Take the time to fall in love with your characters and story; your readers will too.

The book of your heart is always a thing of beauty.

When published authors say they’re overwhelmed, it’s not bragging, it’s panic.

Knowing when to accept criticism, and when to reject it, is a great accomplishment.

If someone says, “You will never sell that story,” you will, if only out of stubbornness.

When an editor says, “Write the kind of book we like to buy,” they mean, “Write something different that we love as much.”

Good writing is better than fast writing; don’t compare your output to another’s.

No author ever says no to a lousy contract on a first sale.  Don't try to be a martyr.  Break into the market first; worry about good contracts when you have an edge.

Let your agent talk to your editor about money; you talk to her about your story.  It’s better that way. 

If you never WRITE, NEVER submit, you will never PUBLISH A BOOK.

Award-winning author Annette Blair made her first sale after eleven years and enough rejections to paper a living room.  THEE, I LOVE, her Amish Historical Romance, was the one people said would never sell.  Her Rogues Club Series made waves.  Her Witch Series hit the Bestseller Lists!

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