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An adventurer and storyteller at heart, Annette Blair has explored nineteenth-century Amish America and Regency England. She's fallen for madcap, modern Salem Mass, where bold women follow the Celtic faith with heart. There, she fought dragons, and fell in love with an angel. More recently, she’s taken to solving mysteries beside Connecticut’s Mystic River. And with her newest series, she's be revisiting her "roots" in Salem in a small town north of the Witch City that you won't find on any map. Welcome to Wishing Well, where there's something Magic in the water...

She topped the NY Times and USA Today Bestseller Lists concurrently last month (ranking at #4 & #12 respectively) with Scandalous Brides, a joint venture box set of four full-length Regency Historicals by Annette, Lucinda Brant, Brenda Hiatt & Cheryl Bolen. Annette is honored to have shared the career-changing event with such amazing and multi-talented writers. The four are all members of the Jewels of Historical Romance, a group of 12 top flight authors who have banded together to better serve their careers, their readers, and each other through this new publishing paradigm.

Earlier in her career, Annette's work garnered multiple Romantic Times TOP PICKS, Reviewers’ Choice Awards, and HOLT Medallion nominations. A triple Golden Heart Finalist, she's also finaled in the Golden Leaf, the Lauries, the Golden Quill, and National Readers' Choice Awards. She’s won multiple Booksellers Best Awards, LORIES Awards, Laurel Wreath, Blue Boa, Aspen Gold, RIO, Southern Magic, More than Magic, Orange Rose, Winter Rose, PRISM, Beacon, Colorado Awards of Excellence, Write Touch Readers' Choice Awards and an Orange County Book Buyer's Best Award. With Sex and the Psychic Witch, Annette took home three Anne-Bonney Readers’ Choice Awards out of four. Cloaked in Malice her 5th Vintage Magic Mystery, became her first NY Times Bestseller. Jacob's Return, a rule-breaking Amish Historical became her first USA Today Bestseller.

Her E-books include The Rogues Club & Scoundrels Series, four full Regency Historicals each. Her Sexy Amish Historical E-books are Jacob's Return, Butterfly Garden, and A Winter Heart. Anthologies include Sisters of Spirit, the Jewels of Historical Romance, Fabulous Firsts, and Scandalous Brides NY Times #4 & USA Today #12.

 To see a list of Annette's present, past, and future releases, click:  Booklist

Left: Annette raising money for Mount St. Charles Academy, Woonsocket RI. 1985 to 2006 before she became a full time author.


Right: Remember the annoying boy who sat next to you in the 7th grade? Well, Annette remembers the one who sat next to her, because she married him.

Above:  Annette, left, Liette, middle, and Paulette, right.  SISTERS... SISTERS...

This is how we dressed for Christmas without consulting each other.

AnnetteatSomeEnchantedEvening.jpg picture by annetteblair


Annette, at a booksigning and tea party at Some Enchanted Evening, Spencer MA,

the greatest New Age Shop you'll find.

Annette's Smile Makers

Annette's long-time hero and the little hero she didn't know she couldn't live without--Travis

Annette can't decide which one's cuter!



When I was about ten, I discovered that the pretty little building next to the playground (left) was filled with books. I went in to investigate and left with my first library card (#2036) and the max number of books allowed. I'd walked a mile to the playground, and after I discovered the Crompton Free Library, I walked that mile twice a week, taking the max amount of books each time. The librarian told me which shelves I could choose from, and I do believe I read them all.

Soon I moved to the higher shelves and discovered the Brontes and Jane Austen and I fell into an amazing new world.  My love for reading continued into my adult life, during which time I wrote plot ideas on corners of envelopes, index cards, and paper napkins, and threw them into my nightstand. One day my, daughter, to whom I'd passed my love of reading, challenged me to write a book of my own.

I accepted, raided my nightstand, and some time later, I began selling my work. Today, I'm a National Bestselling Author, and The Crompton Free Library is the Pawtuxet Valley Historical Society where my picture hangs on a wall above a display of my novels. 



The beautiful sixteen-year-old in the chair is Annette's cousin, Ninette Bousquet, and Annette is the one-year-old sitting on the arm.  Many years and two countries later, thanks to her daughter, Jaclyne, they reconnected through the internet. 

The Vintage Magic Mysteries


Annette Blair

Madeira Cutler's vintage dress shop, Vintage Magic, home to ghost Dante Underhill, was taken, history and all, from the building, pictured below:

Maddie's former morgue turned funeral chapel carriage house is real. My husband and I rented this building for twenty years.

Formerly the Kent County Morgue, it later became the Read Funeral Chapel Carriage House in Coventry, Rhode Island--and later home to my husband's business. Yes, there were horse stalls for the horses that pulled the hearses, and caskets plus upstairs when we moved in. While we rented it, we happened to visit the Henry Ford Museum and found a horse drawn hearse listed as coming from the Read Funeral Chapel Carriage house in Coventry, RI. :)

The side (shown right or bottom depending on the size of your screen) where the horse stalls are has small windows inside each stall...stalls which, in my books, are now Maddie's dressing rooms.  I took the bottom floor windows out of her shop in the mysteries, but I left a front door, sealed one set of double doors in the front, and one set of double doors to the side.

The upstairs doors are where Maddie has windows--in the storage room--from which she watched the theater/playhouse burn down in LARCENY AND LACE.




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