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The Scot, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Final Installment in Annette Blair's Accidental Witch Trilogy . . .


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The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Annette Blair. Berkley, $6.99 (304p)
Despite her best attempts at denial—"I am so not a witch"—Victoria Cartwright has inherited a legacy of magic, along with the key to a mysterious wardrobe, in Blair's third Witch novel (following the bestseller My Favorite Witch). Upon her beloved grandmother's death, Vickie receives the magic key to grandmother's old wardrobe—never before opened—and a promise that it contains Vickie's destiny. To Vickie's puzzlement, her destiny turns out to be an exquisitely preserved antique carousel unicorn. Though it's oddly familiar to Vickie, the unicorn is recognized right off by Scotsman Rory MacKenzie, a handsome loner, when Vickie appears with it on a television antiques show. The unicorn happens to be the handiwork of Rory's ancestor and the key to ending his family curse. The two meet and immediately set to bickering, first over Rory's manners—Vickie quickly concludes that he's "a lack-wit shoddy-mannered Scot with more beards than brains"—then over his designs for the unicorn. Of course, they're just working their way toward confronting their mutual attraction, but sassy dialogue, rich sexual tension and plenty of laughs make this an immensely satisfying return to Blair's world of witchcraft. Fans will welcome back familiar characters in supporting roles, but newcomers will take to it just as well. (Dec.)



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Annette Blair


FIVE STARS "A century ago Rory MacKenzie's Scottish ancestor let the people in his village talk him out of marrying the rumored-witch Lili Lockhart. Until then, visitors from all over the globe came to ride Drummond MacKenzie's Immortal Classic Carousel. The village thrived. But when Drummond broke his engagement to Lili, and she fled to America, Drummond broke up the set of zodiac figures on his carousel too. Heart broken, he shipped the carousel's Aquarius unicorn to Lili. Even though the mechanics of the carousel were perfect, it never worked again. The village went into decline. Legend says that only the unicorn's return will cause the carousel to work. Until then, the village will not recover.


Because of Drummond's actions in the past, Rory is a hermit, disliked by the locals. Rory has long dreamed of bringing the unicorn back to Scotland, restoring the carousel, and becoming the village hero. But no one knows where the unicorn is. Then Rory sees it on television. It stands in a vintage dress and curio shop in Salem, Massachusetts. Rory sets out for Salem, determined to fight for the village's treasure.


Lili left a key to her female descendants a century ago. Each lady has tried to open the antique wardrobe with the key, only to fail. Family legend says that only the daughter who inherited Lili's magic can open the wardrobe and complete her spell. Victoria Cartwright is shocked when the wardrobe opens to reveal the most beautiful unicorn she's ever seen. Her friends have told her for years that she is a witch. But Victoria does not believe that she one. Yes, she often finds herself muttering rhyming wishes out loud, usually without even realizing it. But that is NOT why the things happen almost instantly. It is just coincidence! Now people came from all over to view the unicorn in her shop. Other than the burden of debt from her Nana's recent death, everything is wonderful for Victoria - until Rory shows up with all his secrets.


FIVE STARS Here is an enchanting story that made me actually believe in magic! (At least for a little while. Hey, what can I say? The author's writing makes it seem so REAL!) Victoria and Rory are perfect for each other and emotions run high when they are together. The story holds several humorous touches as well, such as Victoria's psycho cat, Tigerstar. This A.D.H.D. feline has the stripes of a tiger, the coloring of a zebra, and a star to mark the point that the strips all come together at.


Just as wild as three new characters, introduced as Victoria's half-sisters (triplets). Harmony, Destiny, and Storm embrace their magical gifts. More than anything, I would love to see these three get their very own stories told. (Author Annette Blair, that is a huge hint!) Highly recommended reading! (Especially for the Halloween season.) HUNTRESS  (Reviewed by Detra Fitch)


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FIVE STARS Victoria Cartwright has the magic of her ancestors flowing through her veins. Unfortunately, she doesn’t believe in it. When she inherits the key to an antique wardrobe passed down from generations of women in her family, Victoria begins to wonder if the family legends are true. The wardrobe can only be opened by the daughter who has inherited the magic, the power, only she will be able to turn the key, meet her destiny and finally complete her ancestor’s spell. As far as Victoria is concerned she has enough real worries to deal with without adding unknown destinies, magic spells, or carousel unicorns.

Scottish laird Rory Mackenzie is searching for the carousel unicorn carved by his great-grandfathers. He believes his forefather was bewitched into giving it to his ex-fiancé. The Mackenzies have searched for the missing piece that completes the zodiac figures themed carousel. The unicorn with the symbol of Aquarius beneath its forelock is the one thing village locals believe will restore prosperity to their town. Bringing the carousel unicorn back to the village will restore the Mackenzie's good name and satisfy the locals.

The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the final book in the Accidental Witch trilogy winds up this enchanting series with a sprinkling of moon dust and star shine. Annette Blair has the power to conjure up romantic tales that fascinate and engage with a wiggle of her magic pen. I loved each of the other books in the series (The Kitchen Witch and My Favorite Witch) so it was great to see the other couples again. Victoria and Rory strike sparks off one another from the get go and it was great to see. Sweet and romantic with just enough fire to warm your cauldron, The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a keeper.  Cynthia



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Annette Blair has an absolute gem on her hands with THE SCOT, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE. Magical, charming and fun, this book is one for the keeper shelves.

Victoria Cartwright is the only female in the Cartwright family to be able to open her grandmother's wardrobe with the ring that she inherited. This means that she has also inherited her grandmother’s magic. Not wanting to believe it and living in a state of denial, Victoria refuses to notice it when everything that she says as a rhyme comes true. She has a penchant for rhyming without even knowing it, and she makes some pretty hilarious things happen along the way. She is always getting herself into some sort of scrape or making a spectacle of herself when she rhymes. It is absolutely endearing and hilarious, and had me laughing out loud more than a little bit.

Rory Mackenzie is determined to travel to the United States and claim back a piece of his family’s heritage—at any cost. A Cartwright woman, he believes, bewitched his grandfather, and that is why he sent her a piece to the family carousel, the carousel that literally has kept their small village in Scotland so prosperous. So now, for years, the carousel has not worked and the town has fallen into poverty—and they blame the Mackenzie men for their plight. Rory is determined to restore honor to his family's name and there is only one way to do it—retrieve his family's unicorn.

Rory and Victoria make the most appealing couple. Victoria is always getting herself into trouble and Rory is always getting her out of it. Reading their story made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, just like I want to be when reading a romance novel. There is also the addition of wonderful secondary characters in Victoria's long lost sisters that she never knew she had. They give the book a great edge and make for a few sequels that will be on my shopping list as soon as they come out.

You will laugh, cry, and generally have a wonderful time while reading this book. Annette Blair has proven once again that she is an author to be reckoned with.

Kristal Gorman


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The Scot, the Witch & the Wardrobe
by Annette Blair
Published: December 2006
Publisher: Berkley
Reviewer: Sandra Marlow




She is not a witch! No matter that the women in Victoria's family have all embraced their magic throughout the years, there just isn't any magic in her. Even though her friends, who are also witches, are convinced Victoria is just denying her heritage, she refuses to believe. But she is about to be proved wrong by her grandmother Lili Lockhart, who has left her a wardrobe that, once open by a descendent who inherits the family magic, will bring the lucky girl face to face with her destiny. Of course, as far as Victoria is concerned, it's all hogwash -- until she opens the wardrobe and finds a legendary unicorn that is about to bestow its magical design upon Victoria and her wished-for knight of her dreams.

Rory MacKenzie takes his duty of restoring his family name seriously, and that is what has brought him half way around the world from Scotland. The legend of the carousel unicorn in his small village has been nothing but bad luck for him and his ancestors, but now that he has found the unicorn, all he has to do is bring it home and his descendants will be able to live their lives with pride. But once he meets Victoria Cartwright, he knows that will be easier said than done. She's beautiful. She's stubborn. She has his unicorn. And she's a witch, which scares him to death. He's lived with the threat of magic over his family his entire life and Rory doesn't think he can take anymore. Focus on the unicorn, get it home, and his job is done.

The man is amazing. He's a wonderful woodworker, fixing all her broken pieces in her antique store. He's an excellent cook, conjuring up divine meals for her at home. He's organized and is getting her store's accounting in shape. He's as handsome as can be. And he has a brogue to die for. So why would he even look at Victoria twice, admire her not-so-skinny body? But he's definitely all she's ever dreamed of -literally. For years she's dreamed of kissing a man by a carousel, a man who looks exactly like Rory, and since he's showed up at her door, her dreams are becoming more erotic. It's taking everything Victoria's got to keep her hands off of him!

How can he leave her? But how can he stay and not return with the unicorn to his village to bring back its former prosperous state? Rory knows he's falling for the delightful witch and he knows he has to tell her the truth of why he's here, something he will do as soon as he verifies the authenticity of the unicorn, but Victoria discovers his subterfuge before he has a chance to talk to her. How could she lose her heart to such a scoundrel? She should have known everything was too good to be true. She'll show him. Learning to embrace her magic and control it is what she needs to do to take control of her life. Who needs a handsome Scot anyway?

Annette Blair's The Scot, the Witch & the Wardrobe is the last book in her "Accidental" Witch Trilogy, and it is an enchanting tale of ancient magic and love that comes full circle with an engaging hero and heroine. Rory and Victoria are a charming couple, and it is fun growing right along with them as their love grows. Ms. Blair has a wonderful knack for playful banter with her characters and she continues to use that skill to perfection in this book. She also weaves the main characters from her two previous books into this story so that we are kept abreast of what's happening in their lives. It's like coming home to old friends. The entire trilogy is a great read, but I believe this third book is the best of all. I am anxiously awaiting her Triplet Witch Trilogy due out later this year, of which some of those characters we get to meet in this book.

Harriet Klausner


FIVE STARS  In Salem, Massachusetts, Victoria Cartwright encouraged by her two recently married best friends finally opens the wardrobe that has been locked since before she was born when the family ancestor witch Lily Lockhart shut it. Allegedly, if she opens it, she will find her destiny inside. Victoria does and pulls out a beautifully carved unicorn, which makes her think of the man she dreamed she was kissing near a unicorn. In Caperglen, Scotland Rory the “hermit” Mackenzie watches TV in a pub. His family and the town have been cursed ever since his ancestor Drummond broke off his engagement with the witch Lily Lockhart. Legend has it when the unicorn returns to join the rest of the Immortal Classic zodiac carousel, prosperity will return to the town. To his shock, the woman he dreams of making love to is on Roadside Antiques showing off a unicorn that could be the missing one. Rory arrives and tells Victoria he carves wood figurines like her unicorn that he saw on TV and would like to see hers. He knows he must find a secret compartment to prove this was carved by Drummond. That night they erotically dream of one another. They discuss their dreams, which lead to them making love. However, as he falls in love, his mission is the unicorn not the witch. The paranormal elements are interwoven into this wonderful whimsical romance starring a delightful charming pair whose sexual innuendos add amusement to a fine tale. Her newly discovered stepsisters, the bewitching triplets, are a trip which just adds to the fun. Though Victoria is in too much denial over her witch powers, her weight, and love, readers will cherish this terrific romantic fantasy. Harriet Klausner


* long sentences, long paragraphs, long chapters, and lots of description * * multiple plot lines, flashbacks, and/or alternating chapters related from different points of view * * a real 'page turner' * * the intent is to entertain * * background is detailed * * focus is on people and the psychology of characters * * focuses on several characters of different sexes whose lives are intertwined * * characters are developed over time * * memorable and important secondary characters * * will leave you feeling content, at ease, peaceful * * conventional, traditional * * ending wraps everything up * The time period(s) of the book: The Present



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The Scot, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Annette Blair

Berkley Sensation

Mass Market


FIVE STARS Victoria Cartwright refuses to accept the fact that she is a witch.   Vickie’s late grandmother left her a set of keys and legend says that only the woman who possesses the magic, passed down through generations in her family, can unlock the mysterious wardrobe in her grandmother’s attic.   With the moral support of her two best friends – and avowed witches – Melody and Kira, she opens the wardrobe and finds a beautiful, carved, gem encrusted carousel unicorn with a tiny dragon curled behind its saddle.   She takes her unicorn on a televised antique show to get an appraisal, and the show happens to be seen on the telly in Scotland.


Rory MacKenzie has been searching for Vickie’s carousel his entire life.   The folk in Caperglen, Scotland believe that Rory’s grandfather caused the village to be cursed when he broke his engagement to a witch, and she disappeared along with the unicorn.   The once thriving village has been in a deep economic depression for over a hundred years, and the Mackenzie’s have been outcasts all this time.   Rory does the only thing he can – he travels to Salem, Massachusetts to reclaim his family’s property and hopefully, to return prosperity to Caperglen.


Annette Blair newest “Witchy” book is another excellent romantic comedy tale set in Salem, Massachusetts.    Ms. Blair’s characters are wonderful and eccentric, and the story is sexy, witty and utterly delightful. Betty Cox, Affaire de Coeur

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FOUR STARS Victoria Cartwright has just discovered a beautiful and majestic inheritance from the Nana she loved and recently loss. A carved carousel unicorn has just been found in Nana’s wardrobe; a wardrobe that was purportedly owned by Victoria’s ancestor, a witch. Suddenly, Victoria’s orderly existence is about to get a whole lot more hectic.

Victoria has never been a believer in magic, but she can’t help noticing that ever since the unicorn appeared, the magic she longs to deny seems to be growing stronger, in tandem with the erotic dreams she has every night of a faceless Scot, a man wearing a kilt and waiting for her by the carousel. Reality shifts yet again when that faceless Scot steps into her antique clothing store.

Rory MacKenzie has waited most of his life to end the MacKenzie curse, a curse that was started when his ancestor Drummond broke his engagement to a witch who then fled to America. The broken engagement caused the village of Caperglen to lose all prosperity and hope and to this day, Rory MacKenzie is still an outsider, determined to find a way to restore his family name to glory, and to bring pride back to Caperglen. When he sees the unicorn on a TV show, hope is renewed! He takes the first flight out to Salem to meet the bewitching Victoria. His plan is simple: convince her to sell him the unicorn.

Naturally, things go awry from the moment Victoria and Rory meet. He can’t help thinking that this isn’t a positive beginning to his goal. But, there is much more in store for Rory and Victoria as they battle lust, passionate dreams, and the very idea of magic itself. Rory came to get the unicorn, but is it possible that he’ll leave with so much more?

THE SCOT, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE is Annette Blair’s latest passionate paranormal tale and it is a satisfying reading whirl. The magical chemistry between Rory and Victoria is scorching and snappy
from the moment they meet. Add in a little antagonistic flirting and Ms. Blair has guaranteed crowd-pleasing read. Victoria is insecure, amusing, vulnerable, and temperamental, all the things that make her a
realistic female character. Women will definitely be able to identify with her body issues, her love of her friends, and her desire for Rory. Rory is a rapscallion of a character. He’ll charm you even as he claims
to be a hermit. Though he has an ulterior motive for arriving at Victoria’s doorstep, this doesn’t mar his character. Rather, it makes his motivations, his kindness, and his appeal that much stronger. He has a lot of issues and emotions to deal with and he does it in the best way he knows how.

The sizzling dreams that Rory and Victoria share are just another reason to read this great tale. Those dreams will definitely raise the blood pressure a bit. But lust aside, Ms. Blair makes her emotions true,
poignant and provocative. Rory and Victoria are hardly a match made in heaven. Rather, they are two people who never expected to find love, and certainly not through the magic of their ancestors. Joy, laughter, and romance abound in THE SCOT, THE WITCH, and THE WARDROBE. Ms. Blair has carved out her own distinct niche in the paranormal market and this is one voice you shouldn’t miss out on. Truly enchanting!  Sarah W. Romance Junkies


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The Scot, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

A curse or a blessing, the heritage of one woman remains to be seen.

Vickie refuses to believe she has any magical ability. If she did, she would be rich, sexy, and doing more than wishing for a knight in shining armor. However, she inherits a family heirloom which legend states holds the magic of her ancestor. When her touch opens the door, the surprise she finds inside is nothing compared to the surprises coming her way.

Rory MacKenzie is used to being a pariah; however, it isn’t until this Scottish hermit heads for America that he realizes how lonely he is. Meeting Vickie stirs his emotions, but his honor and the faith of a town rest in his ability to take her enchanted carousel unicorn and return it to Scotland. Too bad someone forgot to tell his heart.

I had my doubts when the story started just how Vickie was going to live up to her rich heritage. Her disbelief about magic was going to be a test all its own. However, the complete story shows just how wrong I was to doubt. The Scot, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is an engaging lighthearted romance that shows that even the deepest love needs a little help now and again. I thoroughly enjoyed the slow unveiling of the history of the unicorn and the overall carousel. I was surprised by the level of depth and history the author brought to the characters while still maintaining the barbs, sexy flirting, and comedic moments. The connection Vickie and Rory have prior to meeting in life is intense and proved to be an interesting shift in perception. The sisters are a fun treat and add levity to the story. This story had me smiling throughout and by story’s end the love found is beautiful to behold. Reviewed by: Amanda


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Romance Designs, Paranormal Romance Reviews

Review for Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The
Author: Annette Blair
Date of Review: 11/16/06
Reviewed by: Tracy Zappala

Reviewer Comments: Annette Blair gives readers a lighthearted paranormal romance in her latest The Scot, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Readers will delight in the fun characters and find magic and romance as they find true love in the strangest of places. Blair’s books just seem to get better and better every time she brings them a new read and The Scot, The Witch and the Wardrobe is no exception.

Victoria Cartwright has had a really rough few months, on the death of her grandmother she inherited a key to a wardrobe that had been in her family since great grandmother Lily Lockhart. The family legend says that only the woman who posses true magic will be able to open the wardrobe. So when she turns the key and opens the wardrobe she is surprised to find that a carousel figure is the item that her fate. The promise of magic doesn’t appear, but the item must be worth something so she takes it for appraisal on the Antique channel. But when a gorgeous rough Scottish hermit comes to visit she begins to find the magic that is her gift.

Rory MacKenzie has just found the carousel figure his family has been searching for decades. Right there on the telly at the local pub, he sees Victoria Cartwright getting her unicorn appraised or rather his unicorn the final piece to the Immortal classic Carousal. The village of Caperglen in Scotland has always believed that the return of the Immortal Classic carousal to their village will bring financial success. Rory embarks on a quest to buy the unicorn back and return it to the village, lifting the curse that has been on the village since it was taken. What Rory is surprised to find is the woman he has been dreaming of and what happens next may make him forget the unicorn, while he concentrates on the beautiful owner of his great-grandfather’s horse.

The Scot, The Witch and the Wardrobe is a light-hearted paranormal that combines magic and romance that readers will love. Blair takes a woman who believes that she has no magic and suddenly gives her powers, as a magical wardrobe is unlocked. Then she gives readers the man of her dreams, literally, in a sexy Scot with charm and charisma that will knock your socks off. Readers will be drawn to these two feisty heroes and follow their love/hate relationship with zeal.

Annette Blair doesn’t disappoint her readers with her cast of supporting characters. Victoria finds three missing sisters with powers all their own, each adding comic relief, as well as, spirited support to the fun-filled plot. The story is set in Salem Massachusetts just in the fall, just the right location to discover you are a witch. The Scot, The Witch and the Wardrobe is a fun paranormal romance, with all the elements for a sweet romance that will make you believe in magic and love at first sight.


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"Enchanting story transports us to a world of magic inhabited by delightful characters."

Reviewed by Paula Myers
Posted November 17, 2006

Despite the assurances of her best friends, Melody and Kira, and the fact that the wishes she rhymes come true, Victoria Cartwright steadfastly maintains there isn't a magical bone in her body. With the death of her beloved Nana, she's forced to confront not only the fact that she's facing near-insurmountable debt, but also her destiny, in the form of an antique wardrobe.

Vickie's ancestor, Lili Lockhart, a witch on her deadbeat father's side of the family, left the key to the wardrobe to her female descendants. Only the daughter who inherits Lili's magic will be able to open the wardrobe, and at Mel and Kira's insistence, Vickie tests the key and unlocks the wardrobe, revealing a beautifully handcrafted carousel unicorn engraved with the sign of Aquarius and a tarot card from Nana's hand-printed deck.

Rory MacKenzie has lived the life of a hermit in his Scottish village, shunned for the actions of his ancestor Drummond MacKenzie. A century before, Drummond's Immortal Classic Carousel had been the village attraction, drawing visitors from around the world. Pressured by the villagers, he broke up with witch Lili Lockhart and Lili left Scotland. Heartbroken, Drummond took the Aquarius unicorn from the carousel and sent it across the ocean to Lili, and it was never seen again. The carousel would not work without the missing unicorn, and the village went into a decline. Legend states that prosperity will return to the village only when the carousel's zodiac is once again complete. Rory is determined to return the unicorn to its rightful place on the carousel, but his many searches have led to dead ends, until the day he's watching a popular antique show and sees the beautiful Vickie Cartwright with a unicorn that might very well be his unicorn!

Vickie is stunned when the man who's been haunting her dreams, literally, shows up at her shop. Rory is just as surprised, for Vickie has been making appearances in his dreams, too. Intrigued by both woman and unicorn, Rory decides to rent the room above Vickie's antique shop and get to know her a bit better, while he determines whether or not the unicorn is indeed the missing Drummond unicorn.

Rory's presence brings a spark to Vickie's life that has nothing to do with magic and a lot to do with a mutual sizzling attraction. Not only that, the man can cook! Vickie's self-image makes it difficult for her to believe that Rory is truly interested in her, and he's determined to show her what a truly beautiful woman she is to him. His plans for both Vickie and the unicorn become sidetracked with the arrival of some of Vickie's truly witchy relatives.

Annette Blair's THE SCOT, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE is an enchanting story of a man and a woman destined to be together, if they can get past their family histories and learn to trust again. Vickie is a strong yet vulnerable woman, haunted by the actions of her parents in her childhood. Rory is a man destined to be alone, his life shaped by the actions of an ancestor long dead. In one another, they find that which completes them. Ms Blair transports readers to a world of magic, populated with fun, intriguing and sometimes over-the-top characters. It was fun meeting up again with Melody and Kira, and the introduction of some new characters makes me hope to meet up with them again in future books. This one belongs on my keeper shelf, right beside THE KITCHEN WITCH and MY FAVORITE WITCH.


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Romance Reviews Today


Annette Blair

The Accidental Witch Series-Book Three

Berkley Sensation

December 2006

Romantic Comedy


Salem, Massachusetts


Victoria Cartwright recently lost her Nana and was left with mounting medical bills from Nana’s illness. Her vintage shop, Immortal Classic, is struggling. Her two best friends, Melody (THE KITCHEN WITCH) and Kira (MY FAVORITE WITCH), visit to offer their support and are sitting in Vicky’s bedroom. Mel and Kira are there to give her courage as she’s going through some of Nana’s possessions. When she opens a silver jewelry box she discovers an ancient brass key. The attached note explains that opening the wardrobe will bring magic and destiny to the one who uses it. This wardrobe has been in the family for generations and up to this time has never been opened. It belonged to Vicky’s great grandmother, Lili Lockhart, a witch who cast a spell on the wardrobe and left the key to her descendents. Kira is ecstatic; she believes Vicky is also a witch. The three women reminisce through events of their past attempting to convince Vicky she has ‘unusual’ powers through rhyme. At the end of their conversation, Vicky tries the key and the wardrobe opens to reveal a beautiful unicorn. There is a familiarity about this unicorn; Vicky knows it is the carousel of her dreams and she’s on this unicorn when she kisses a handsome Scot in a kilt! Vicky appears on the antique road television show to learn the value of the piece. She is told it could possibly be generations old, a lost masterpiece that was once part of The Immortal Classic Zodiac Carousel hand-carved by Drummond Rory McKenzie from Caperglen, Scotland.


Rory McKenzie is commiserating in a tavern in Caperglen, Scotland where his clan is all but ostracized. Ever since his great grandfather, Drummand McKenzie, gave the unicorn from his zodiac carousel to Lili Lockhart and she fled to America in the late eighteen hundreds, the town has been in poverty. No more tourists come to ride the enchanted Immortal Classic Zodiac Carousel. Rory is treated like the local pariah and has lived with this family curse as long as he has had a memory. Rory is determined to find the missing unicorn, but so far his search has proved unfruitful. It’s Friday night and Rory comes out of his isolation to join the Knights of the Sacred Star Lodge and watch the antique show on television. Imagine how his eyes light up when he sees the unicorn and the woman he’s been dreaming about on the screen. It’s off to Salem for Rory to claim HIS missing unicorn.


Annette Blair sets the stage for another romantic comedy her fans will be thrilled to read. There is true magic between Rory and Vicky, and the fun and excitement in between the opening and the conclusion is a reader’s treat. Secondary characters fill out the plot and enrich Ms. Blair’s tale. Rory is not going to have an easy time of it as Vicky doesn’t give in to his charms, much as she wants to :) Missing tarot cards and inspired rhymes out of Vicky’s unruly mouth will bring more than a few chuckles. THE WITCH, THE SCOT, AND THE WARDROBE has a conclusion to happily complete the accidental witch trilogy. Fans will not want to miss it!  Carol Carter, Reviewer



The story

Janelle Martin


Victoria Cartwright, unlike her friends Melody Seabright (The Kitchen Witch) and Kira Fitzgerald (My Favorite Witch), is convinced she doesn’t have a magical bone in her body despite her supposed magical heritage. Upon the death of her beloved grandmother, Vickie receives a key with a cryptic tag “Unlock the wardrobe with the magic inside you and meet your destiny.” According to family legend, her ancestor Lili Lockhart left the key to her female descendants a century previously and only the daughter who inherited her magical gifts will be able to open the wardrobe and complete her spell. When she opens the wardrobe and finds a carousel unicorn, Vickie is flabbergasted.

Rory MacKenzie, hermit and carousel expert, immediately recognizes the carousel unicorn when it appears on an antiques television show. The unicorn was carved by his ancestor Drummond, for the Immortal Classic Zodiac Carousel, and its recovery is key to ending his family curse and the curse on the town of Caperglen, Scotland. Rory heads for Salem, Massachusetts intent on recovering his unicorn but is unprepared for the sparks that fly when he meets Vickie. Will Rory be able to end his family’s curse before succumbing to Vickie’s spell?

The third volume in Annette Blair’s ‘Accidental’ Witch trilogy picks up where My Favorite Witch left off. The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe focuses on Victoria Cartwright and her quest for a knight on a charger. Vickie and Rory make a wonderful pair and the witty dialogue the two fling at each other will have readers laughing out loud. The double entendres fly thick and fast throughout: “Some wooden chargers are specimens of piercing beauty and should be taken for at least one good…gallop…before a decision is made.”

Despite the disparaging view each holds of the other - Vickie is convinced that Rory is a “lack-wit shoddy-mannered Scot” and Rory believes Vickie to be “lady stubborn spitfire” – the heat between the two shimmers off the page. The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe is full of sexual tension but first and foremost it shows the power of love as these scarred individuals find healing.

Blair will continue to write about witches with her upcoming Triplet Witch Trilogy, focusing on Victoria Cartwright’s triplet half-sisters who provided a great deal of comedic appeal in The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The first book, Sex and the Psychic Witch is scheduled for release in August 2007.  Janelle Martin, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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Victoria Cartwright has no desire to be a witch, but strange things happen when she makes wishes that rhyme. Then she inherits a wardrobe with a mysterious key tied to a legend. According to legend, only the female who possesses the magic of her ancestor can reveal the treasure within. However Vickie has no belief in the legend or the magic supposedly tied to it. 

Rory MacKenzie lives the life of a hermit, not really by choice, at least not his. Years ago Rory’s ancestor lost the woman he loved, and sent her a carved unicorn that the town believes led to their downfall. Rory is determined to find this unicorn and return it to the town and hopefully bring back the life they had enjoyed before. His plan seems simple until he meets the woman who owns his unicorn.

Rory and Vickie soon find out life isn’t always perfect and plans rarely work out just as they expect. With a Scot, a witch and wardrobe, along with magic, things are sure to heat up fast. Will Rory and Vickie find that love is worth all costs?

THE SCOT, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE is an engaging tale of romance with touches of lighthearted fun, heat, and a little mystery. Ms. Blair has a way of writing characters you can’t help but adore. They are realistic and in no way perfect. The story is a page-turner that leaves you eager for more. This story is connected to THE KITCHEN WITCH, and MY FAVORITE WITCH, I do feel that readers will be okay reading this story without having read the previous ones. However, once you get a taste for Ms. Blair’s writing you won’t be able to resist reading all her work. THE SCOT, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE is one I highly suggest everyone add to their "must have" lists today!





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