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A Bewitching Romantic Comedy
1st Triplet
ISBN 0425216632
Psychic witches with attitude spell identical-triplet trouble in spikes!
"Delightful, sexy, whizzbang stories!" ~Barbara the Elder
2009 Anne-Bonney Readers' Choice Awards Winner, Most Humorous
2009 Anne-Bonney Readers' Choice Awards Winner, Favorite Hero
2009 Anne-Bonney Readers' Choice Awards Winner, Favorite Heroine
2008 Laurel Wreath Award Winner, 2nd Place
2008 Aspen Gold Award Runner Up
2008 Book Buyers Best Winner, 2nd Place
2008 So. Magic Award of Excellence Finalist
"I give this book an A++  This is an hypnotizing read!  I am now off to read  Gone with the Witch."  Posted by Candance Vandermark
 "Sex and the Psychic Witch, the first book in Annette Blair's Triplet Witch Trilogy, is a laugh-out-loud, heart-pounding, passionate good time. The characters are engaging , their banter and barbs as sizzling as their lovemaking. Fun and entertaining with unexpected twists thrown in leving you misty-eyed between laughs. King and Harmony are a delight, opposites in every way, and their playfulness adds so much. Vintage Annette Blair, and I can't wait for Harmony's sisters' books..." Sandra Marlow
THE ROAD TO ROMANCE REVIEWERS CHOICE AWARD: "To read how a ghost tamer caught a sexy, relationship shy tycoon in a whirlwind romance, make sure you pick this latest by Annette Blair." Stacey Brutger
FRESH FICTION FEATURE: BOOKS NOT TO MISS: "If you haven't had a chance to pick up "Sex and the Psychic Witch" stop what you're doing and run to the bookstore.  This woman knows how to make me laugh, and it's impossible not to fall in love with her characters. Don't miss out on this great book!"  Author, Candace Havens
"A sexy, hilarious, romantic tale with fun characters, snappy writing and super-spooky moments.  Ms. Blair has a gift for sharing her characters with her readers, revealing their depths, strengths and weaknesses with a skill that is unmatched." Paula Myers, Fresh Fiction
"I’ve got four words to describe this book: Laughed my ass off.  The dialogue is quick, snappy, witty and reminded me of Moonlighting (Bruce Willis, Cybill Shepherd)." Author, Celise Downs
"The attraction between King and Harmony was evident from the first and only got hotter...The magical elements were not overdone and it was especially great to see the Cartwright’s positive interpretation of their powers rather than preconceived negative connotations...Sex and The Psychic Witch is a great addition to any Paranormal romance readers collection!" M Kanbi, Paranormal Romance Writers
"More hot scenes than in the author's previous stories...spine chills...outrageous stunts...a witchy climax that will warm your very soul.  Out-Freaking-Standing!" Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews
Top PickRomance Reader at Heart Top Pick Award: "Fun and sassy...zany antics...fabulous one liners...soooooo hot that I am still icing my fingers...Smoke flares off the pages. Honestly! If you like it flirty, funny, and hot, SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH is the book to read." Shannon, RRAH
"Sex and the Psychic Witch is a Hot, Hot, HOT read. With a fun look at a haunted castle and a witch of a ghost, not to mention Harmony the witch, this book will bring a smile to your face. Just don’t forget some ice water to help you cool off!"  BookMom
Gone With the Witch
A Paranormal Romantic Comedy
2nd Triplet
2008 Nominee:
Night Owl Romance Readers Choice Awards 
Best Paranormal Romance
ISBN  0425221210
In his presence she hears a baby crying.  Abducting him is the only way to follow the sound and find the child. Her scheme includes his luxury motor coach, seduction...and two pairs of fuzzy purple handcuffs.
2009 A Greater Detroit Romance Writers Booksellers' Best Award Finalist
2009 A So. Magic Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist
Golden Angel Recommended Read: "Gone With the Witch is as delightful and whimsical as the previous tales...Hilarious dialog has come to be the norm in Annette Blair’s Witch books but she has managed to raise the bar in Gone With the Witch. At some points I was actually giggling out loud...Gone With the Witch is a book that I would recommend to anyone!" Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews
Simply Romance Reviews Outstanding Read: "It's hot, sexy, and incredibly kinky. It's also sweet, charming, and causes butterflies to well up in the reader's stomach. You will laugh, you might even cry. However, no matter where your emotions take you, Gone With the Witch will take you on a wild ride." Rebekah
Top PickRomance Reader at Heart Top Pick Award: "A wonderfully woven tale of mischief, with spells and magick thrown in for fun...everything I had hoped for—and more. I could not put this book down...Annette Blair is an auto buy for me as she never disappoints with her magickal stories of love!" Maame Kanbi
A Five Blue Ribbon Recommended Read: "Great fun! Wonderful characters, riveting storyline...sensuous undercurrents ...phenomenal... Storm is a hoot!  She had me rolling in laughter...Annette Blair always has fun with her witch characters...very evident in this story. If you’ve never read her before, please do! I guarantee you’ll be a die-hard fan in no time." ~Amanda Haffery, Romance Junkies
Barbara Vey's Publisher's Weekly Blog Review: "Storm Cartwright is the "bad" triplet with her Goth looks and blue hair. Storm meets her match in Aiden McCloud, wandering biker. Together, they fulfill Storm's destiny...although it requires kidnapping, seduction, and magic.  Storm is my favorite triplet; for her complexity of caring, facing her own issues, and her fight. Blair's characters make the story come to life..."  Anna
"Saucy, fun and laced with a marvelous sense of humor...loads of fun. If you love Susan Elizabeth Phillips Lady Be Good, this is a similar kind of road trip with a heroine who happens to be a witch. We laughed ourselves silly..."  Rendezvous, the Romance Bookstore
"A steamy romp with constant sexual tension...Just when the reader thinks that the sex and humor is all there is (and who’s complaining when said sex is so yummy and emotionally satisfying?), surprises for both Aiden and Storm add depth and new insights. Some light consensual bondage (purple furry handcuffs: ‘nuff said!) is sensual and at times downright funny rather than kinky. The steam level is very similar, and equally as well done, to books by Lori Foster. I recommend this one for a very fun read though you may need a few cold showers." Crystal, Kwips and Kritiques
"OMG, what a fantastically fun story! GONE WITH THE WITCH has it all; sensuously personable characters, breath-taking romance and a story line that is amusing and totally unique. Talented Annette Blair continues her triplets with Storm’s story, my favorite of the triplets. GONE WITH THE WITCH, don’t you love that title, is a stand alone but I bet you won’t be able to resist buying just this one book by Annette Blair; she is addictive!  Sultry." Sensual & Erotic Ecataromance
"Spellbinding...totally knocked my socks off! Once again I find myself in awe over the author's ability to make the characters so memorable... Annette Blair writes priceless romance adventures." Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews
"GONE WITH THE WITCH is sensual, close to being erotic...a touching emotional tale. I’ve read all the ‘witchy’ tales from Ms. Blair...I recommend them all for your reading pleasure." Carol Carter, Romance Reviews Today
"Annette Blair’s second contribution to her Triplet trilogy should come with oven mitts as it is hot, hot, hot. The ending is just wonderful, with fantastic characters and a strong narrative. If the reader likes her romantic comedies just shy of being classified as erotica, this is definitely the book for you!  Believe me, this is one road trip you do not want to miss!" Betty Cox, Reader to Reader
"An emotionally charged story...light, bawdy, entertaining fun...hysterically outrageous...laugh-out-loud...tugged at the heart...a tale of two people who've lived on the surface, afraid to seek greater depth to their existence for fear of being hurt again. Storm and Aiden are made for one another, and their discovery of this fact makes a truly satisfying story. A definite addition to my keeper shelf."  Paula Myers, Fresh Fiction
"Another fantastic book by Blair!!!! The chemistry between Storm and Aiden sizzles on the page, and the emotion evoked by the *crying babies* Storm hears is incredible. One of my favorite contemporary romance writers, Blair certainly does not dissapoint in her 2nd book of the Cartwright Triplet Witch Trilogy. I also had the honor of meeting and having my book signed by Ms. Blair, which of course made it even better for me!!!!! I am anxiously awaiting Destiny's story which is coming out early next year!!! :)" 5/5, Love to Read
"GONE WITH THE WITCH put me in Blair Witch Heaven. The story pays out on all of its promises: sassy, sexy, funny & heartwarming." Justine


A Paranormal Romantic Comedy

February 2009

ISBN: 9780425226490


3rd Triplet Witch-Destiny's Story


Why has Morgan never been witched?

 A paranormal debunker and a psychic witch avoid each other by unknowingly retreating to the same offered lighthouse. With one bed and a wild sexual attraction, it takes an angel and two ghosts to help them come to terms with the past and make way for the future.




Night Owl TOP PICK! "If this book is a reflection of Ms. Blair's work, I highly recommend all of her books." Terri, Night Owl Romance
"Labeled a Contemporary Romance, this book has it all. With Ms. Blair's typical paranormal flair, it will leave you gasping for more. ... many romance novels include one person's idea of great sex, but this book has something for nearly everyone. As the last in her Triplet Witch series she definitely ends it with a bang, but it is left open should she wish to visit the Cartwright family again." Kari, Oh the Books I Have Read
This book rocked the house! A+ "Let me just say, oh how refreshing it is to be reading an author whose books are getting BETTER as the series progresses, instead of steadily losing the magic. Blair's voice has matured into a highly entertaining, engaging & "spell-binding" style of writing. I simply could not put this book down. I LOVE when that happens. The pacing of her books is absolutely perfect. They're fast, intense & suck the reader in with a vengeance. Never Been Witched is the story of Destiny (the final of the identical triplet witches) & Morgan, a disbeliever with hidden secrets. Honest to God, no one writes a love scene like Blair. They are downright juicy (in a really good way) fun, flirty, sexy, completely original. And finding an original sex scene in romance is no small feat. Blair weaves the emotional angle & sexual attraction together in a totally convincing way, another challenge for every romance author. The sweet paranormal touches, humorous language and snappy dialogue are superb. Blair is setting a high bar for herself and future works, & I have no doubt she will rise to the challenge. Penelope
A+ "The love scenes are extra fun in this book. Why, you ask? Huh-uh. Not going to say. Just know Morgan is having the time of his life when having sex with Destiny. I thoroughly enjoyed these two characters on their journey to finding each other. The rest of the family does make it back near the end of the book, and it’s just that much more fun when they do arrive. I’m glad I discovered Annette Blair. It’s bittersweet leaving these stories and characters behind, but I know more fantastic reading is ahead with Ms. Blair’s new series." Sandy M, The Good, the Bad, and the Unread
"The author combines magic & love in such a way that even a statue would find its heart moved. Annette Blair's writing is pure magic! Highly recommended!"  Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews
"A superb tale starring a lead couple in denial & a matchmaking ghostly sibling with her own angel. As with the previous two, the story line is whimsical but heart-wrenching... Magician Annette Blair provides a terrific finish to an entertaining saga."  Harriett Klausner
A Golden Angel Recommended Read: "I highly recommend this series & especially this third book of the trilogy to anyone who loves magic, humor, & romance mixed with delightful characters guaranteed to keep you entertained & charmed!" Stephanie, Fallen Angel Reviews
"The last of Annette Blair’s witch trilogy is definitely, in this reviewer’s opinion, the greatest, and that's saying a lot as the two preceding tales are superb ...mayhem and this very sexy & highly entertaining story.  NEVER BEEN WITCHED is a tender love story of two extraordinary souls... Wow! Ms. Blair continues to delight & amaze her fans with her mystical tales & magnificent talent." Betty Cox, ReaderToReader
"A wonderful tale of love, understanding & forgiveness, told with passion & humor. The reader will be captivated from the first & find it difficult to put down this enchanting story. Destiny & Morgan are multilayered ...Their leap of faith with one another is touching & humbling, with a good amount of hilarity & eroticism tossed in as only Ms. Blair can...storytelling at its finest."  Paula Myers, Fresh Fiction
"A book written so true, filled with laughter, life, and love. One must be ready to see with the heart for healing & being remade.  A book for one's soul mind & body. A book, yet ready & waiting for those who seek counsel & light, bright & guiding. A book for one who is ready to let go of the past, to live in the present, to prepare for the future. This book is just that."  Mean Mom Productions





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