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Sex and the Psychic Witch


Book One in Annette Blair's Triplet  Witch Trilogy . . .

Review: Sex and the Psychic Witch (Triplet Witch Trilogy, Book 1) Annette Blair

February 24, 2008 - Grade: A+

Sex and the Psychic Witch (Triplet Witch Trilogy, Book 1) by Annette BlairSandy M’s review of Sex and the Psychic Witch (Triplet Witch Trilogy, Book 1)
Contemporary paranormal romance released by Berkley Sensation 7 Aug 07

I became an instant fan of Annette Blair’s witches with her first book, The Kitchen Witch, back in 2004. Her humor and wit just poured out her witches in every book of that first trilogy and she has not lost her touch one bit starting with Harmony, the oldest of the Cartwright sisters.

The quips and banter between King and Harmony begins early, in Chapter 2, and doesn’t let up, only dims a little during serious, tension-filled moments and zooms right back to full intensity within pages. As much as I liked the previous trilogy, I’m having more fun with the Cartwrights because their magic is used out in the open and blatantly as compared to the sutble witchery in the first three books.

Harmony is at Paxton Castle to help the resident ghost move on and leave the current owner in peace. King refuses at first to admit he has a spirit harassing him at every turn during his remodeling to sell the albatross of a home, but begins to think differently when the sexpot witch shows up and a calm and serene atmosphere takes over the place.

Along with guiding the apparition to its final resting place, Harmony has also decided to loosen up Mr. Ramrod-Straight-as-a-Board — the man is wound tighter than a spring and doesn’t know the meaning of a good time. He can’t keep his eyes and hands off of her, however, even if he’s not in the market for a lasting relationship. Harmony falls for King immediately and decides to totally enjoy her time with him, no matter how long it is. Loving him for a short time has to be better than not at all.

These characters are a huge breath of fresh air. They’re upfront with one another, no secrets, but they still have the capacity to hurt one another during their unorthodox relationship, and do. Conversely, they also apologize and try to make their mistakes with each other right. They don’t let the hurt fester and grow to turn into a big walk-out scene for one of them to go crawling to the other for forgiveness later on. The secondary characters, including the aforementioned ghost, are all just as fun and witty in their own way. Well, the ghost needs an attitude adjustment, but that’s why Harmony is there!

You will laugh out loud through most of this book. Be warned, though, you will also get a little choked up here and there as the result of a couple of unexpected happenings. If you haven’t read Annette Blair, you are truly missing out on a wonderful experience.

Grade: A+

From the back cover:

     The buyer for her family’s vintage clothing and curio shop, triplet witch Harmony Cartwright-who brings peace to everyone in her sphere-has the ability to read ancient objects and their owners, even their deepest darkest secrets. Now, a Celtic ring depicting a man’s empty embrace becomes a psychic mandate that leads her to Paxton castle on an island off the Salem, Massachusetts coast.

     King Paxton has inherited a haunted money-pit of a castle he must sell before he’s cursed with more of the bad luck that plagued his family for generations, but out of nowhere, a leggy blonde walks in and quiets his disgruntled construction crew and wailing ghost. When King throws her out, chaos returns, so he brings her back.

Author Celise Downs

August 29, 2007

Sex and the Psychic Witch by Annette Blair

Back Blurb: The buyer for her family’s vintage clothing and curio shop, triplet witch Harmony Cartwright—who brings peace to everyone in her sphere—has the ability to read ancient objects and their owners, even their deepest darkest secrets. Now, a Celtic ring depicting a man’s empty embrace becomes a psychic mandate that leads her to Paxton castle on an island off the Salem, Massachusetts coast.

King Paxton has inherited a haunted money-pit of a castle he must sell before he’s cursed with more of the bad luck that plagued his family for generations, but out of nowhere, a leggy blonde walks in and quiets his disgruntled construction crew and wailing ghost. When King throws her out, chaos returns, so he brings her back.

Harmony could be the answer to his problems . . . or a very big distraction. He’s never been as attracted to anyone, but he’s made enough mistakes for one lifetime. He vows to be strong and offers her a job at the castle. She can search for vintage clothes while he peacefully gets the castle restored and sold.

King is Harmony’s psychic pot of gold. Because the ancient castle is his–heck, he was born there–she can read him. She knows he feels the same dizzying attraction for her that she does for him. She knows exactly what he wants to do to her—which is titillating—but he’s fighting his inclinations. Bummer.

Despite triplet tricks, Celtic myths, spells and rituals, unexpected family ties, and a psycho cat and her kittens, Harmony attempts to uncover the castle’s secrets while she acts out King’s unspoken fantasies until they’re acting them out together and fighting a powerful and angry ghost . . . in and out of bed.

In the final magical battle, will Harmony and King reclaim the castle, or is Gussie the ghost-witch stronger even than the power of love?

I’ve got four words to describe this book: L.M.A.O. Laughed my ass off, for those of you who don’t know what that stands for. I honestly don’t have one negative thing to say about this book. So let me tell you what I loved

~Unique character names: Harmony, Destiny and Storm (the triplet witches); Tigerstar, Gingertigger, Caramello and Warlock (the triplet witches’ kitties)

~ Harmony doesn’t like to bring negativity into her world, so she uses different phrases when she gets frustrated: “slam it!” rhymes with, well, you know; “Withering witch balls” (my favorite), and “blooming”. As in “He’s a blooming idiot”.

~ The many nicknames she came up with for the hero. I think my absolute favorite was “Brass Ass McGrumpy.”

~ I got a little history lesson about witchcraft in general, Pictish witches in particular, and Salem, Mass.

~ The humor. I don’t ever remember laughing aloud as much when reading a book as I did this one.

Harmony and King are such opposites that it’s great to watch them spark off each other. The dialogue is so quick, snappy and witty it reminded me of watching an episode of Moonlighting (Remember that show? A young Bruce Willis, Cybill Shepherd? A fav of mine back in the day). There was one part where I was glad I was at home when I read it because I laughed–uproariously–for a good 5 mins. Maybe more. I couldn’t get past that paragraph because every time I read it, I laughed harder. I kept thinking about it and laffed some more. When I pictured King’s reaction in my mind, I was getting a stomach cramp. Because it was a guy’s typical reaction and I could see it happening just like that in real life.

If an author can me laff like that while reading one of their books, then they’re doing something right. This is Book One in Ms. Blair’s “Triplet Witch Trilogy” and I can’t wait to read the other two; Storm’s tale is up next and you get a sneak peek at the end of Book One. The triplets were introduced in Book Three of Blair’s “Accidental Witch” series, so I’m going to have to do some backtracking and read that series as well.

Author Celise Downs

Story of the Story * Excerpt * ISBN 425216632

Huntress Reviews

TITLE: Sex and the Psychic Witch

AUTHOR: Annette Blair

ISBN: 0425216632


 Harmony Cartwright lives in Salem with her sisters, Destiny and Storm. Eight months ago the triplets were homeless. Now they not only have a home with their half-sister, Vickie, but also have co-ownership of a vintage clothing store named The Immortal Classic. They are hereditary Pictish witches and each has a psychic gift. Destiny reads the future. Storm reads the present. Harmony reads the past.


At a charity costume sale, Harmony's gift leads her to purchase a gold gown. Upon opening her mind to the gown's past, Harmony learns that it once belonged to a woman named Lisette. The sisters find a Celtic puzzles ring hidden in the hem. Reading the ring's past leads Harmony to Paxton Castle. The castle resides on a small island where, it seems, a spirit or two are in need of her help.


King Paxton is the heir of Paxton Castle. He wants nothing more than to fix it up and sell it off quickly. Everyone who has lived in the castle, himself included, has had nothing but misery and misfortune. The construction crew King hired is on a tight schedule. But staying on schedule is almost impossible with all the bad luck running rampant. Then there is the problem of the loud ghostly wailings. Everyone is on edge. But when the hot babe enters the area, peace and quiet descends. King offers Harmony a job as a live-in peace keeper with Gussie, the castle's ghost bent on spreading discord. With Harmony around, perhaps his crew can get some work accomplished. While there, Harmony has King's permission to pillage the castle for any vintage clothing she may desire. King has no idea that a couple of surprise visitors are en route which will turn his world even further upside-down.


Harmony is in vintage heaven! As Harmony looks for treasures, she also tries to understand what Gussie wants. As a plus, King is a hot stud she hopes to play with very soon. Too bad the man has an ice rod stuck up ... Well, she'd just have to thaw the man out. As for the Gussie, the spirit could very well be the strongest negative entity Harmony had ever encountered. She may need her sisters' help on this one.


Harmony and King may be the main focus of this novel, but Destiny and Storm meet their future matches within this tale as well. There are more hot scenes and teases than in the author's previous stories, but hey, bedroom time is positive time. (No negative vibes to strengthen the ghost at all.) The story has its own type of balance as well, building and connecting each twitchy witch, and their individual kittens, with each non-believing male. The section where Harmony and King meet Gussie sent chills down my spine. And each time Gussie toyed with someone, those chills would reverse direction and go straight back up. These triplets bring pure fun to the story with each outrageous stunt; and it all leads up to witchy climax that will warm your very soul. Author Annette Blair just may be a witch herself. I can hardly wait until the next Cartwright triplet spins her spell. Out-freaking-standing!



(Reviewed by Detra Fitch)


Story of the Story * Excerpt * ISBN 425216632



Annette Blair

Berkley Sensation

August 2007




Being one of a set of triples, Harmony Cartwright has never lived a normal life. But what made her life unusual was that they were all psychic. With the ability to read images and emotions from old objects, Harmony always maintained her distance from others for fear of being swamped with emotions. But when an old dress called out to her, Harmony knew she couldn’t refuse a psychic mandate. One touch and she knew what she had to do – she needed to rescue a ghost from a castle. 

Paxton Castle has been in the family for generations. All King Paxton wanted to do was renovate the money pit and get rid of the blasted thing. He knew woman and one look told him the one who showed up on his doorstep was trouble. That she could silence the haunted wailings of a ghost and quiet disputes between the workers only made it worse. But as soon as he managed to force her out of the castle, he had a mutiny on his hands. Not only did his men refuse to work, the ghost itself protested. 

Even though he knew he would regret it, King bowed to the inevitable and invited Harmony to stay. He offered her a job and in return, he would gain peace to finish the castle on deadline. Harmony accepted with only a twinge of unease. That she seemed to be able to read his mind helped make her decision. That he was a hunky man that made her mouth water was an added bonus. Now, all she had to do was get rid of a ghost that didn’t want to leave and convince Paxton that all woman weren’t the same. 

This fabulous story really captured my attention. King and Harmony were made for each other. Their interactions are interspersed with humor, romance and tension enough to keep the pages turning. I loved the tone of the story, the difficulties they encountered and I found the magic realistic enough to be believable. To read how a ghost tamer caught a sexy, relationship shy tycoon in a whirlwind romance, make sure you pick this latest release of Annette Blair.

Reviewed by Stacey Brutger for The Road to Romance

August 4, 2007

Story of the Story * Excerpt * ISBN 425216632

Romance Readers at Heart

Introducing the Cartwright sisters—Harmony, Destiny, and Storm—triplets and unstoppable, psychic seductresses...

She could touch the past...

As the buyer for her sister's vintage curio shop, Harmony finds her job a challenge, since she has the ability to read objects and learn things about their former owners—even their deepest, darkest secrets. Now, a Celtic ring depicting a man's empty embrace has led her to the Paxton castle on the coast of Salem, Massachusetts.

He needed her presence...

King Paxton has inherited a haunted money pit of a castle. He must get rid of it before he's cursed with the same bad luck that has plagued his family for generations. But out of nowhere, a leggy blonde walks in and stops construction, insisting that a witch haunts the place. What Harmony finds is an angry ghost, a disgruntled renovation crew, and a man who could use a harmonic convergence...


Fun and sassy come to mind when asked to describe the plot and characters of SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH. Though I classify it as a lighter read with a bunch of laughs, it does offer a few memorable pulls on the old heartstrings.

The zany antics of the witchy heroine and the fabulous one liners the hunky haunted castle owner deliver would be enough to say this book is good reading at the beach. But, when I add in the fact that this book is soooooo hot that I am still icing my fingers today, it is quickly propelled to Four Rose Read status! However, because of that hotness I don't advise you taking it to the beach, unless you plan on cooling off in the water a lot.

Lately, the bitter-sweetness of the chase and the longing for love aspects I have read in several romance books, have reminded me how wonderful romance can be. They are touching and poignantly beautiful stories. This is NOT that kind of book. (Well, it's touching, but I mean that literally.) Sure, I like the adventure and scenery Blair creates and it is a good contemporary read. But, smoke flares off of some of the pages. Honestly!

Anyway, if you like it flirty, funny, and hot, then SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH is the one to read.

Shannon Johnson



Story of the Story * Excerpt * ISBN 425216632

Alternative Worlds

Sex and the Psychic Witch 

Annette Blair
Berkley, Aug 2007, $6.99
ISBN: 9780425216637

Like her older half sister Vickie and her triplet siblings (Destiny and Storm) Harmony Cartwright has paranormal skills. She can touch an ancient artifact and learns its past, a skill that is handy where she works at her older sister’s Salem, Massachusetts antique store The Immortal Classic.

When she touches a ring found inside a dress, Harmony learns of its past at Paxton Castle on nearby coastal Massachusetts. She travels there to remove Gussie the angry spirit haunting the castle. To her shock she finds a psychic connection to the new owner King; and even more stunning an attraction to him. However, Harmony knows she is in over her head with the acrimonious Gussie so she calls for her siblings to help her remove the ghost haunting Paxton Castle, but plans to act alone when it comes to King.

The first of the triplet sequels to the big sister’s tale (see SCOT, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE) is an exhilarating romantic fantasy starring an interesting heroine and the man who employs her to control the rancorous unwanted spirit bewitching his castle. Readers will appreciate the antics of the triplets as they struggle to send Gussie on to the next plane while laughing with joy at King’s caresses of the seductress who owns his heart.  Harriet Klausner

Story of the Story * Excerpt * ISBN 425216632

Paranormal Romance Writers

Ratings:  Overall: 9    Sensuality: 9 

Realism: 9

Review for Sex and the Psychic Witch
Author: Annette Blair
Date of Review: 07/05/07
Reviewed by: MKanbi

Reviewer Comments: Harmony Cartwright is a witch and psychic one to boot. One of three triplet sisters, her power is the ability to read objects in order to learn things about their previous owners. This can be stressful on Harmony as not all the energy she receives is positive. Attending a yard sale with her two sisters to find items for their older sister’s vintage store, Harmony is drawn to a ring. It is that ring that leads her to Paxton Castle and its owner, King Paxton.

King has been trying to renovate the inherited eyesore that is his family home for months to no avail. But as soon as Harmony shows up, the workers are actually getting things done and the spirit that haunts the home settles down, somewhat. King doesn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and quickly hires Harmony to oversee the renovation of the home. As the two join together to get the renovation done, each for their own personal reasons, they find the attraction between them to be quite magical.

Readers will be delighted to revisit with the three Cartwright sisters first introduced in Annette Blair’s last novel, The Scot, The Witch and The Wardrobe. With Sex and The Psychic Witch, Annette Blair begins a new trilogy of magic-inspired stories with the three good, psychic witches: Harmony, Storm, and Destiny. Although the power of three is the strongest, Harmony proves quite capable on her own as she searches Paxton Castle for clues on its long dead, but still present, resident Gussie Paxton, and why her spirit still haunts the family home. King tries not to get sucked into Harmony’s “craft,” but finds it impossible to ignore the blatant haunting and as time goes by, his attraction to Harmony herself. But will the secrets he keep break the magical spell falling over the couple?

I found this to be a great addition to Blair’s already established witch-themed series (see also The Kitchen Witch and My Favorite Witch). The attraction between King and Harmony was evident from their first meeting and only got hotter as the novel progressed. The magical elements were not overdone and it was especially great to see the Cartwright’s positive interpretation of their powers rather than the preconceived negative connotations of others; the short and sweet spells they chant showcase this element perfectly. Sex and The Psychic Witch is a great addition to any Paranormal romance readers collection!

Story of the Story * Excerpt * ISBN 425216632

Reader to Reader



Annette Blair

Berkley, August 2007


Triplet Witch One


Harmony, Storm, and Destiny Cartwright are identical psychic triplets, but each has her own specialty.   Harmony’s gift is psychometric – being able to read old objects and their deceased owners through proximity and touch.   The triplets are the cousins of Victoria Cartwright (THE SCOT, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE), and are also co-owners of Vickie’s resale shop; they are in charge while she is in Scotland with her new husband.   A vintage dress is calling out to Harmony, and when she puts it on she sees a vision of a woman named Lisette sewing every stitch of the dress, and she has sewn an inscribed Celtic puzzle ring in the hem.   Harmony is compelled to go to Paxton Castle, which is haunted by a mean spirited witch, and find the companion ring.


King Paxton is determined to get the family castle he has inherited repaired and sold as soon as possible.   Progress is slow going because the workers are always in an uproar and the noise level in the castle is unbearable.   Then, lo and behold, a beautiful woman strolls in the front door and everything stops – the bickering, the wailing, and King’s heart.   The babe with the Barbie Doll figure seems to bring peace to this wretched castle, and she says she is looking for vintage clothes for her resale shop.   The excuse sounds lame, but he is looking for a way to keep her at the castle until the dang thing is ready to sell.   However, he doesn’t believe her that the castle is actually haunted until he sees some really strange things happening that he can’t explain.


The dialogue in SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH is humorous, clever and overtly sexual.   There is combustible chemistry between Harmony and King, but he has hardened himself against his emotions.   His childhood taught him never to show any vulnerability.   Annette Blair has great fun bringing this proud, unbending man and a free-spirited witch full of love and laughter together.   Harmony’s sisters and King’s two best friends add to the enjoyment of this story and lay the groundwork for the next installments in the author’s successful witch tales.   SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH is sassy, sexy and sizzling!


Betty Cox  Mz Betty

Story of the Story * Excerpt * ISBN 425216632

Sex and the Psychic Witch by Annette Blair

Fresh Fiction Review

"You're in for a sexy, funny, romantic romp with this witch."

Reviewed by Paula Myers
Posted July 20, 2007

Triplet Harmony Cartwright receives a psychic mandate the minute she slips on the dress she's purchased for the vintage clothing and curio shop she and her sisters, Destiny and Storm, own. After discovering a Celtic puzzle ring in the hem of the gown, her psychometric gift kicks in, giving her a vision of Paxton Castle. Despite Destiny and Storm's misgivings, Harmony heads to the castle.

King Paxton is determined to renovate the castle that's been in his family for years, and then sell the money pit. Unfortunately, the resident ghost, Gussie, is equally determined to keep the castle in the family. She wails constantly, creates friction among the workers and causes accidents around King. All the chaos appears to stop as soon as Harmony appears at the castle, but her arrival causes a different kind of havoc in King's life. Instantly attracted to the sexy witch, it's an attraction he's determined to fight, until he realizes she's as open to a no-strings arrangement as he. With Harmony on site, work can continue and he can unload the castle. He doesn't realize that Harmony is working at cross purposes; he just knows that his life is much better with the psychic witch in it, even if he doesn't believe in her powers.

SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH by Annette Blair is a sexy, hilarious, romantic tale with fun characters, snappy writing and some super-spooky moments. Harmony is a take- charge heroine, a woman with a mission and an indomitable spirit. She's the perfect foil for non-believer King. The supporting cast is fun and intriguing, setting up future stories in the trilogy and leaving the reader full of anticipation. Ms. Blair has a gift for sharing her characters with her readers, revealing their depths, strengths and weaknesses with a skill that is unmatched. The arrival of King's family is a touching highlight in the story. I've looked forward to this story since the introduction of the triplets in THE SCOT, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE, and it was well-worth the wait!

Story of the Story * Excerpt * ISBN 425216632


Harmony Cartwright and her triplet sisters live in Salem and own a vintage clothing and curio shop. Harmony’s job is to buy items for the shop, when she picks up a gown at a charity yard sale; her psychic powers start going wild calling to her. When she puts it on after getting it home and looking into a mirror, her path disappears behind her. She can then feel the owner who made the dress, ”Lisette” and when she looks into one of her many mirrors she can see a pair of hands undoing the hem. She reaches for the hem and a gold ring falls into her hands. When she holds the ring to read it she senses that Lisette was afraid. She slips the ring on her finger and sees a castle with a woman trapped within a dark discord and faints. She feels as though she needs to go and help the women at the castle to find out what is going on.

Her sisters say that it is a bad idea but she gets a feeling from one that she thinks she needs to go. The castle she sees in her vision was painted at one time by her ancestor, Lili. The castle is owned and inherited by King Paxton and he is trying to restore the castle to sell it but is having problems because of the haunting that seems to be going on. Not only is there a spooky wailing wind and mysterious things happening but it seems to stop when Harmony shows up.

King decides that he doesn’t want her there and throws her out twice before she can tell him that she can tell him that she wants to buy the vintage clothes from him. But the foreman explains to him that each time she is in the castle the wailing stops and that the men want her there. King agrees and offers her a job as a peacemaker for the castle against the wailing and etc that goes on in the castle. She will also get first pick of the vintage clothing and items in turn helping him to catalog them for sale and etc.

Harmony starts to feel herself falling for King although he is a bit of a ramrod as she calls him quite frequently. King also feels something for her but keeps trying to ignore it to the best of his ability, which he can’t do very well. This makes for interesting workdays between the two of them and, whoever happens to be in the room at the time. When Reggie his seventeen-year-old daughter shows up with her son, Max because her mother threw her out of the house Kings whole life gets turned upside down. Harmony realizes then that she must persuade him to keep the castle and not sell it so that he must have it for his family.

Annette Blair weaves a wonderful tale of romance and passion with a bit of sparkling charm thrown in. The characters are wonderfully well rounded and entertaining making the story one that you can hardly put down. I will definitely be reading any of Annette Blair’s other Witchy Books that she puts out.  Zollyanna

Story of the Story * Excerpt * ISBN 425216632

gotta write network



Sex and the Psychic Witch

By Annette Blair



286 pages



A gown at a costume yard sale attracts the attention of Harmony, one of three psychic sisters. The sisters own the Immortal Classic Vintage Clothing & Curio store. Harmony believes the dress belonged to a woman from the past named Lisette. She sensed this while gazing through antique mirrors. In a vision, she sees frantic hands undoing the gown’s hem. Harmony lifts the hem and a gold ring falls into her hand. Love Eternal is engraved on it. Her vision continues when she sees a naked male. When Harmony slips the Celtic puzzle ring on her finger she senses Lisette's fear and that she’s trapped in a sphere of dark discord. A castle painting is somehow linked to Lisette.


The sisters believe that Harmony has a mission to liberate the distressed spirit. That it's part of a "psychic mandate" the universe has presented. They sense that a dominant male may have somehow entrapped Lisette and that Harmony has to investigate and put an end to the situation.


King Paxton is living a nightmare trying to renovate his castle. He's had to deal with endless construction, a haunting wailing wind and now a real life Barbie in his Great Hall distracting his crew. Unknown to him, Harmony can read his thoughts and for some reason they have a psychic connection.


Paxton family history states that the castle was built by a sea captain and there continues to be unrest within the old dwelling. Harmony informs King that she's in search of vintage clothing, but she's really there to find Lisette or whatever is causing havoc. What she does find is a black and red chamber with 12 empty picture frames, a dangerous toy room and the owner with an impossible attitude protecting him from falling in love.


There's plenty of haunting havoc to keep you entertained in Blair's SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH. Harmony and her sisters are determined to make things right no matter who gets howling mad. Both primary and secondary characters are dimensional and gifted with their own special attitudes and gifts. You'll laugh with all their antics and wish for a happy ending.


Five spells out of five!


©Denise Fleischer, gottawritenetwork

February 3, 2008

Story of the Story * Excerpt * ISBN 425216632

Sex and the Psychic Witch by Annette Blair
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Review by Xeranthemum

Introducing the Cartwright sisters-Harmony, Destiny and Storm-triplets and unstoppable seductresses.

Harmony, the buyer for her sisters' vintage curio shop, can read objects and learn of their former owners. Now, a Celtic ring leads her to a castle on the coast of Massachusetts. King Paxton's money-pit is cursed, and he hopes that this leggy blonde can help him find peace with an angry ghost, a disgruntled renovation crew-and his own heart.

Sex and the Psychic Witch had me laughing, giggling and just flat out enjoying myself as I watched a woman totally charm and undermine a ex-military man’s determination to be unaffected by her.

King Paxton is described in the story in many a varied way by the heroine, Harmony Cartwright. Harmony not only has a way with words but with clothing, attitude, and ghosts too. She is a witch who is in touch with good karma and optimism. She stands her ground and is uninhibited to such an extent that she embraces who and what she is – no apologies. She loves sex, isn’t shy about it, but is particular just the same. And wait until you get a load of what she calls Mr. Paxton’s male anatomy. It is going into my vocabulary from this day onwards. Ms. Blair took a piece of purple prose and made it her own. Every time Harmony used innuendo, it sent me into gales of laughter. I don’t think I’ve read a book with such an animated character. And I have to love a character that has a passion for statement shirts.

Harmony’s animation is bemusing, perplexing and exasperating to King Paxton. At first he wants nothing to do with her, then, can’t get enough of her. His pursuit has him ending up in the most embarrassing and hilarious predicaments. A man with the sense of humor of a prune doesn’t stand a chance against a woman like Harmony. The evolution of King’s demeanor, his outlook on life and his belief system is a delight to watch. Not to mention his views about statement shirts. King is a hunk with baggage and he’s going to have to move it or lose it because Harmony is moving in.

I also really liked the set up of this story because it introduces King’s two best buds along with Harmony’s two sisters. I can see two sequels coming up easily. Ms. Blair developed the secondary characters to a perfect point because I want to read about them as well, preferably as soon as possible. Those other two guys, Aiden and Morgan, are quite yummy in their own right.

Add in a mentally touched ghost, unknown family members, flying kitty cats with attitude and a toy room that eerily comes to life and Sex and the Psychic Witch should keep you zipping through the pages as fast as it did me.

This story is a stand alone and from reading it, I realized that there is one book that came before. I guarantee you that I’m going to be finding it and reading it. If Sex and the Psychic Witch is a consistent example of this author’s writing style, she’s going to become a must buy for me. I love laughter and romance and this author seems to have it in spades.  LASR
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