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Triplet Witch Three

Destiny's Story



Destiny Cartwright is a psychic witch who sees images of the future that are unfortunately subject to interpretation at times which makes her visions hard to defend against the criticism of Morgan Jarvis, an architect and paranormal debunker. Itís too bad Destiny and Morganís beliefs are so far apart because their physical attraction to one another is off the charts. Each independently decides not to go to Scotland with Destinyís family and Morganís best friends and end up at the lighthouse. Now they are stuck with each other for two weeks, on an island, in the lighthouse with only one bed. Will their imposed isolation together allow them to explore their physical attraction to one another or do each of them have so many problems of their own that they will be able to resist?

Never Been Witched is the third book of the Triplet Witch Trilogy, and it finally places Destiny and Morgan together in a situation where they must face their past and each other. I have liked and wondered about both of these characters in the other stories and couldnít wait to see what Ms. Blair had planned for them! Destiny finally reveals some of her drawings she has been drawing for years from her visions, and they are images that Morgan recognizes although he thinks that itís impossible. Morgan will have to face the fact that there are some things in the world that he canít explain away with science, and he will also have to face his past and the huge secret he has been living with for years. Destiny has her own issues to deal with but will these two divergent paths bring the couple together or will the differences be too much and separate them forever? If you have read the first two book in this series then I donít have to sell you on this book, you probably canít wait to read it either. If you have not read the first books in this trilogy, you must read them first! In this series the stories build on each other and you need to start at the beginning to get the most from this final book. I highly recommend this series and especially this third book of the trilogy to anyone who loves magic, humor, and romance mixed together with delightful characters guaranteed to keep you entertained and charmed!

Reviewed by: Stephanie B.

The story     Excerpt


TITLE: Never Been Witched  (Triplet Witch #3 / Feb. 3, 2009)

  Destiny Cartwright is the middle witch. Her visions are of the future. Destiny clears her mind, picks up her paint brush, and a picture forms. It has been that way for as long as she can remember. However, when a certain architect, Morgan Jarvis, comes near, Destiny has trouble clearing her mind and focusing. The man unnerves her. Morgan does not want to be around Destiny, either, for the same reason. So as the friends and relatives go on a short trip to Scotland, Destiny and Morgan remain behind. Of course, neither knows the other stayed behind, but everyone else does and uses the fact to bring the two together.

Destiny goes to the Paxton Lighthouse for some meditation time. While in her safe circle late one night, Destiny learns that the spirit of the last lighthouse keeper, Horace, is still present. There is also a young girl spirit, Meggie "Megs", who passed on just before entering her teen years. With Megs is Buffy, the name Megs gave to her silent and loving angel. Yes, a real angel. Megs is Morgan's twin sister and she has remained to help her brother remember certain things and accept other things. But to do this, Megs needs Destiny's help.

Morgan never speaks of his past. When he finds Destiny down stairs in his lighthouse all he wants is for her to leave! Well, it is not his lighthouse yet. But the paperwork is all but finished. Problem is that they are both stuck on the little island until the boat returns later in the week. Morgan knows that Destiny and her sisters are physic and witches. After all, her sisters married his friends. So when Destiny starts speaking about the spirits and the angel he is not too surprised. Yet Morgan is downright shocked when Destiny starts talking about Megs. He never spoke of her or of the angel picture she drew long ago and named Buffy. To Morgan, his future is not looking too bright. On the plus side, Destiny is one hot witch. Things could be worse. (And with that jinx, it does.)

***** This is the third, and last, sister's story in the Triplet Witch Trilogy. If you missed the stories of Harmony and Storm you will not have any troubles. Each book is a stand-alone. (But for those interested, and you very well SHOULD be, the first is titled "Sex and the Psychic Witch" with the ten digit ISBN of 0425216632. The second is titled "Gone with the Witch" with the ISBN of 0425221210.) This time the author combines magic and love in such a way that even a statue would find its heart moved. There are many silent messages for readers to discover and I, as the reader, found myself amazed at how many times I compared events in the story to events in my own life's past. No, I am not psychic (or am I?), but I have no doubt that all readers will find themselves finishing this story with hearts warmed.

The sisters and their new husbands are totally out of the story until near the end. Total concentration is on Destiny, Morgan, and the spirits. (For full effect, read this on Valentine's Day or an anniversary of some sort.) The character of Megs is especially well done. Anyone who has kids or siblings aged twelve or thirteen cannot help but believe so. She comes across as mature while still exhibiting a tantrum or two. A perfect ending to a witchy trilogy. Annette Blair's writing is pure magic! Highly recommended! *****  HUNTRESS REVIEWS, Detra Fitch

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"A wonderful tale of love, understanding and forgiveness, told with passion and humor."

Destiny Cartwright has come to the Paxton Island Lighthouse to find her psychic purpose in life and, if she's really honest with herself, to avoid Morgan Jarvis. She needs the time alone to center herself and come to grips with her strong attraction to the psychic debunker. Unfortunately, Morgan has the same idea and has also retreated to the island he plans to buy from his best friend King. Both Destiny and Morgan immediately smell a rat in the form of their interfering friends and relatives, but neither is willing to give up their two weeks of now semi-solitude. Their solution is to tough it out together. What paranormal non-believer Morgan doesn't realize is they're sharing their accommodations with three spirits: Horace, the former lighthouse keeper, an angel called Buffy and a young girl named Meggie.

It's an easy realization for Destiny to figure out that Morgan is her psychic purpose, something she's self-aware enough to understand and accept. Convincing the skeptical architect and disbeliever that they could have something more than just hot, hot sex between them is a monumental undertaking. With a little witchy determination and a bit of divine intervention, Morgan may see the light before it's too late for both of them.

Annette Blair's NEVER BEEN WITCHED is a wonderful tale of love, understanding and forgiveness, told with passion and humor. The reader will be captivated from the first page and will find it difficult to put this enchanting story down. I've looked forward to Destiny and Morgan's story more than any other because I suspected there was more to Morgan than met the eye, and Ms. Blair certainly doesn't disappoint in this regard. Both Destiny and Morgan are multilayered characters, sharing with the world their most surface self, while keeping the most fascinating aspects of their personalities under wraps for various personal reasons. Their leap of faith with one another is touching and humbling, with a good amount of hilarity and eroticism tossed in as only Ms. Blair can do. Morgan's coming to grips with his past and acceptance of Destiny as his future is storytelling at its finest. NEVER BEEN WTICHED is a most satisfying conclusion to the Triplet Witch trilogy. I only hope some secondary characters get their own stories in the future.

Never Been Witched by Annette Blair


The Cartwright tripletsóHarmony, Destiny, and Stormóare psychic sirens who use their magic for good and their good looks for seduction. But for Destiny, catching the attention of a paranormal debunker isnít going to be easy.

The story     Excerpt

Never Been Witched
Annette Blair
Berkley, Feb. 3, 2009, $7.99
ISBN: 9780425226490

The middle witch of triplets, Destiny Cartwright has visions of the future that she depicts by painting a picture of what she saw. However recently an anomaly has occurred; for the first time in her life, Destiny cannot focus on the vision. She realizes this abnormality only happens when architect Morgan Jarvis is nearby. He frightens her.

Morgan shares Destinyís unease. When everyone goes off to Scotland, neither Destiny nor Morgan goes with their friends and family; neither is aware that the other stayed behind. Needing time to think about how she feels Destiny travels to the Paxton Lighthouse to reflect on what she wants. She meets two spirits there; the last lighthouse keeper Horace and tweener girl "MegsĒ; also there is Buffy the guardian angel watching over the girl. Megs has remained behind to help her twin Morgan but has failed until now. She hopes Destiny can assist her. Morgan arrives at the lighthouse he just bought and demands Destiny leave though she cannot until the boat returns to pick her up. When Destiny mentions the lighthouse is home to two spirits and an angel, he does not blink. When she mentions Megs, he is shocked and further disturbed with Buffy as he recalls the picture his sister drew of her angel.

The final Triplet Witch romantic fantasy (see SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH & GONE WITH THE WITCH) is a superb tale starring a likable lead couple in denial and a matchmaking ghostly sibling with her own angel. As with the previous two the story line is whimsical but heart-wrenching as in many ways Megs steals the show as a young teen spirit who is part mature and part kid.. Magician Annette Blair provides a terrific finish to an entertaining saga.  Harriet Klausner

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February 2009


Triplet Witch Trilogy Ė Book Three


Destiny Cartwright plans on spending a peaceful time at the Paxton Island Lighthouse while her sisters, Harmony and Storm, and their husbands visit their half-sister in Scotland.   Destiny needs to forget about Morgan Jarvis, who is an architect by trade and a psychic debunker by choice.   Itís a tough job, but a gal has gotta do what a gal has gotta do.   The first thing Destiny encounters at the lighthouse are two ghosts and an angel.   The next thing that appears before her startled eyes is all six feet of an irate Morgan-the-Magnificent in his skivvies!   Can things get any worse?   Morgan is supposed to be with his best friends, Aiden and King, in Scotland.   Suffice it to say, the man is not in a good mood upon seeing the woman he is trying so hard to get out of his thoughts and fantasies.   Since he is in the process of buying the lighthouse from King Paxton, Morgan insists that Destiny get right back on her broomstick and out of his lighthouse.   But there is no way in ďswellĒ that our heroine is going to leave.


The lighthouse is getting a little crowded with Destiny, Morgan, the ghost of the last light keeper, Horace, the child ghost of Morganís sister, Meggie, and Meggieís guardian angel, Buffy.   Plus Destinyís cat, Caramello, the traitor, who has fallen in love with Morgan.   Destiny has her work cut out for her Ė she has to convince Morgan that there are true psychics and there really are ghosts.   However, Morgan has repressed so many memories since Meggieís death that it takes a near tragedy to get him to open up.


The last of Annette Blairís witch trilogy is definitely, in this reviewerís opinion, the greatest, and that is saying a lot as the two preceding tales are superb.   Morgan is definitely an alpha male, but he is also a very vulnerable character and needs Destiny to help him make the best of his life.   There is mayhem and humor by the truckload in this very sexy and highly entertaining story.   At the same time NEVER BEEN WITCHED is a tender love story of two extraordinary souls looking for the way to a happily ever after.   Wow!   Ms. Blair continues to delight and amaze her fans with her mystical tales and magnificent talent.  Betty Cox, Reader To Reader


The story     Excerpt

Destiny Cartwright thought she could escape from her sisterís upcoming nuptials by going to her brother-in-lawís lighthouse.  She never expected Morgan Jarvis, an architect and one of her brother-in-lawís best friends already occupying the residence.   What have her sisters gotten her into?  Can these two stop bickering long enough to realize they are attracted to each other?

Destiny Cartwright is the last single triplet.  She figures she wonít find her soul mate because how can lightning strike three times?  Instead of going to her sisterís wedding, Destiny decides to escape to the lighthouse in order to avoid her sistersí matchmaking to Morgan Jarvis, their husbandsí closest friend.  Unbeknownst to her, Morgan has the same idea and is already at the lighthouse when she gets there.  When their only mode of transportation floats away, these two will have to figure out how to coexist together but what happens when there is only one bed?

NEVER BEEN WITCHED is the final Triplet Witch novel.  Destiny decides to sidestep her sistersí matchmaking but was thoroughly thwarted when she sees Morgan at the lighthouse.  Although these two seem like they have nothing in common, their verbal barbs suggest sparks that are difficult to miss.  Add two tenacious ghosts and Morganís uncomfortable past, this relationship surely needs a little magic to bloom.  Morgan carries a lot of guilt and need.  He really wants Destiny but canít figure out how to approach her without tripping over his words.  When they finally do get together, it is hilarious.  Their first sexual encounter is filled with humor and a little love.  However, even with all the humor and sparks, Destiny helps Morgan reconcile his past in order for him to move on with his life.  She pulls no punches and really helps him see how his life has been impacted by others.  I really enjoyed this series and NEVER BEEN WITCHED is a wonderful conclusion to a funny and enjoyable series.  I canít wait to read another of Ms. Blairís novels.  Ann, Romance Junkies

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Destiny Cartwright is a psychic witch and the middle born of identical triplets. Both define her. Her sisters are more than sire part of her. They are also psychic witches though in different ways. One sees the past, the other the present and Destiny sees the future. She doesnít know when the things she sees are going to happen or where but that they are. At her sistersí weddings


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Book Review
Overall: 9
Sensuality: 9
Paranormal Element: 9

This is an official review by a contemporary Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Never Been Witched
Author: Annette Blair
Date of Review: 06/16/09
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: A two-week vacation in an old lighthouse to figure out her psychic path doesnít seem to be too much to ask for Destiny Cartwright. The added bonus of some time away from her matchmaking sisters and the man they are forcing her to be with just makes it more perfect. When she arrives at the lighthouse, Destiny cannot believe how perfect it is and her first circle results in not just one ghost, but three. Then she hears some mysterious noises upstairs and quickly realizes that she and the ghosts are not the only ones in the lighthouse. Unfortunately, Destiny wallops the intruder rather well before realizing that it is Morgan Jarvis, the man her sisters are trying to set her up with.

Morgan also fled to the lighthouse to get away from not only the meddling matchmaking of the Cartwright sisters but also from his growing attraction to Destiny. Morgan doesnít feel that he is ready to be in a relationship with Destiny. They are so different. She is a psychic witch, he debunks witchcraft and the paranormal; she is experienced and sexy, he is mostly definitely neither. Now the two of them have been thrown together in this place of solitude and they must figure out a way to get along. Having only one bedroom does help matters along rather nicely.

I definitely enjoyed this story. The characters are delightful. I loved the quirky banter between Morgan and Destiny. Destiny knows how to get under Morganís skin and he quickly realizes that he doesnít mind and in fact, relishes the experience. The witticisms that appear on Destinyís many articles of clothing are inspiring. Ms. Blair shows a flair for the catchy phrase as each one appears in the narrative.

The inclusion of the ghosts at the lighthouse and their purposes for being there helps to move the story along. Destiny uses their presence to try to convince Morgan that the paranormal really does exist. The reasons for his doubts and difficulty believing are slowly revealed throughout the story. This past holds many secrets that Destiny must uncover before she can find a way to build a future with Morgan. The paintings that Destiny has done help to convince Morgan that there just may be more to the world than what he can see.

This is the third book in Ms. Blairís Triplet Witch trilogy and that was apparent from the beginning. The story began with the assumption that the readers would understand much of what was going on and it took a chapter or two to get into the rhythm of the story. Once you accept that you will not know all that happened before or anything about the other Cartwright sistersí relationships, the story moves along and you really donít need all of the background. This story is focused on Destiny and Morgan. Anything that happened with the other triplets is unnecessary to this particular story. Having said that, I definitely want to read the other stories in this trilogy to see what adventures happened to Storm and Harmony. Paranormal Romance Writers 

The story     Excerpt


Sandy Mís review of

Never Been Witched (Triplet Witch Trilogy, Book 3)

by Annette Blair

Contemporary Paranormal Romance published by Berkley 3 Feb 09

This is the last book in Annette Blairís witch trilogies, and though sheís started a couple of new series, Iím sorry to see this one end. These sexy and intelligent witches throughout two trilogies have been an outright blast to read. The humor and banter between all of Ms. Blairís heroes and heroines is nearly unparalleled, only a few other authors ever come to mind when it comes to those two elements combined with enchanting characters and fun storylines.

Destiny is the third Cartwright triplet to find her hero in the most unlikely of places. Actually, in the most unlikeliest of persons. She met Morgan at the same time her sisters met their now spouses, but she and Morgan did not hit it off right away, though there was plenty of sexual tension between them. Taking some time for herself while her family and the troublesome Morgan are in Scotland, she stays at her brother-in-lawís lighthouse on Paxton Island to find her psychic path, to soothe her soul.

But her sisters are playing matchmaker and secretly give a key to the lighthouse to Morgan too. They stumble over each other the first and so begins the fun for the reader with the wit and sensuality that doesnít let up one bit until the very end. Destiny is the sister that sees the future in various ways, one of which is painting her visions, which sheís done over the years, and itís with Morgan that they both begin to experience those visions firsthand.

Destiny can also see and talk to ghosts, which is a good thing since two very vital spirits are currently in residence with her and Morgan during their stay. Through one of those spirits, she begins to learn a little more about Morgan and his reasons for debunking the paranormal. They both learn thereís more to Morgan than meets the eye, and his belief transformations are loads of fun though they once or twice take place during dangerous situations.

The love scenes are extra fun in this book. Why, you ask? Huh-uh. Not going to say. Just know Morgan is having the time of his life when having sex with Destiny. I thoroughly enjoyed these two characters on their journey to finding each other. The rest of the family does make it back near the end of the book, and itís just that much more fun when they do arrive.

These are such fun books and Iím glad I discovered them and Annette Blair. Itís bittersweet leaving these stories and characters behind, but I know more fantastic reading is ahead with Ms. Blairís new series.  A+


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