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Grade: A+

Sandy M’s review of Naked Dragon (Works Like Magick, Book 1) by Annette Blair
Paranormal Romance published by Berkley 5 Jan 10

I’ve been a fan of Annette Blair’s since her first witch trilogy, and I loved every one of those books through two series. Her humor is her mainstay, something you know will be in every story and will keep you entertained throughout the read, as well as her imagination that gives you charming characters in various storylines, all of which are wrapped in magic. You cannot go wrong with an Annette Blair book.

What I love most about this book is not only Bastian himself, sexy, naked dragon that he is, but when we first meet him, he’s just come back to the human realm, once again a man after being a dragon for so many years. He has to reabsorb things that he knew as a Roman warrior.  So it’s his innocence, or, as McKenna is told, his literal-ness, that makes him so endearing. Ms. Blair’s humor helps him along; I found myself laughing out loud a number of times at his responses to situations.  Bastian’s the first of his brothers to make it back via the magic of the Goddess of Hope, so all are relying on him to defeat the Sorceress of Chaos and to pave the way for the others to follow. If he fails, all is lost.

McKenna is a direct descendant of Ciarra, a Salem witch who survived the witch trials.  Alas, McKenna has no magic and that’s why she’s in need of a handyman, pronto. She’s running against the clock to turn her rundown familial Victorian home into a bed and breakfast.  She refuses to be the one to lose it after so many centuries. She has a developer who’s hot for the land and won’t leave her be, constantly making her offers. So she turns to her cousin, Vivica Quinlann, who does possess magic and owns the Works Like Magic Employment Agency. Vivica has taken Bastian in when he arrives and now has the perfect place for him – McKenna’s jack-of-all-trades.

When these two come together, the fun starts and never lets up. Bastian loves the internet. He looks up every little thing he doesn’t understand anymore, and that’s a lot. He also speed reads, so his learning curve is quite high. Some things are still the same that he remembers from before, like the attraction to a beautiful woman. But then there are other things that confound him a little, his man lance being one. And that’s where most of my laughter came from. Bastian and his man lance are something else, first humorous and then sexy and erotic as all get-out.

Of course, there are serious moments to be had. McKenna has just lost her mother. Bastian is able to see all of McKenna’s past ancestors on the Greylock property, something McKenna has to learn to believe in on her own. The evil coming at them from both the human and the magic side is very real and they have to work together to conquer all. We don’t get to see Bastian’s dragon until the very end of the book when he can no longer control his inner beast as McKenna physically has to fight her rotten developer. Those scenes that come after when McKenna learns Bastian still lives are the best in the book. Ms. Blair can pull at the heart strings as well as she can hit the funny bone.

Secondary characters are just as wonderfully written as the hero and heroine. I especially love Dewcup, a miniature fairy who gets into trouble every time she turns around, and also Steve and Lizzie, McKenna’s friends, and their children. Scenes with these characters go from hilarious to heart wrenching.

This is a terrific start for Ms. Blair’s new series. Her writing is still invitingly fresh, especially the banter between characters no matter who they are. Her take on magic is just as fresh and very different from most of what’s out there to read nowadays. As her fans have learned from her previous series, each coming book will be a delight, will stand on its own, but will remain true and consistent to the essence of the series.

Isn’t it time you learned that too?

Grade: A+


"McKenna Greylock, still mourning the deaths of her mother and grandmother, is trying to fulfill her mother’s dream of turning the old, rundown family home into a bed-and-breakfast. When she hires Bastian Dragonelli, a handyman whose rudimentary grasp of English is hilariously literal but who has rare qualities and abilities, she does not suspect that he is a dragon warrior on a mission to save his brothers. When told to paint a room, he creates a vivid, colorful mural featuring dragons, inadvertently establishing the theme for the B&B. Despite wanting to keep her distance, McKenna is curiously drawn to Bastian, who has a strange physical attribute. Blair’s unusual paranormal features charming characters, rich relationships, an inviting community, and sensuous lovemaking, all rolled up in a rollicking good read. Readers will look forward to more fun with tales of Bastian’s brothers in future installments in Blair’s Works Like Magick series." Diana Tixier Herald, Booklist


Naked Dragon

By Annette Blair

Berkley Sensation

Paranormal Romance

Pages 302

Pub. Date: Jan. 15, 2010


McKenna Greylock has a hell of a challenge to face. She’s got to save the foundation of her family’s Victorian home and pay the mortgage or it will fall victim of a wrecking ball. She has to do this with limited funds, cheap help and right away.


Bastian Dragonelli is a shapeshifter. Once trapped in a world far from his own, his challenge is to make a difference in his soul mate’s life. But more than her heart and future are at stake. The very lives of everyone he cares about are hanging by a thread.


Matching these two in a mutual agreement is Works Like Magick Employment Agency boss Vivica Quinlan. It takes a whole lot of juggling for Vivica to do her job because she has to give a crash course on merging with people from Earth.


I’ve always loved Annette’s books because of her characters’ personalities. What I loved about Naked Dragon was that McKenna’s and Bastian’s weaknesses; fears and love were revealed in natural form. That others watched out for them added even more appreciation for what they were going through. You can relate to their difficult challenges and feel for them every step of the way. I was satisfied with the outcome of this book and would love to learn more about The Island of Stars.


41/2 dragons out of 5

Denise Fleischer

October 17, 2010



Naked Dragon  -  Review by Doni

5/5 Screams from the Backseat 

A Sliver of Hope

“On the Island of Stars, on a plane beyond ours, A Roman legion exists.

Cursed for performing their duty with spirit and might… One Dragon per phase might be turned and sent




      And so begins the story of the Naked Dragon, the first in the Works Like Magick series.  I hope there are many more to come.  Annette Blair is an awesome writer.  When I read her books, I get lost in the magick.  I can put myself in the world(s) that she creates.  The writing is crisp and concise without being too formal or stuffy.  On the down side, it is over too soon. Ms. Blair is often an author that I can read in one sitting, and then I am left wanting more.  Unfortunately that means waiting for the next book which never comes out soon enough for me.

      Even though this is a paranormal romance, the characters are believable.  I find myself cheering for the hero and heroine.  The heroine is a woman named McKenna who owns land that the evil developer named Elliot Huntley wants to “steal” from her.  I liken Elliot to the character in the cartoons who ties the heroine to the railroad tracks.  McKenna is great.  She is just like the average girl with issues and problems to solve.  She is very likable and believable.  Bastian is the dragon turned hottie handyman who McKenna hires to help her around the place to turn the house into a B&B.  Bastian is a handful.  He is a dragon, and has his own issues, but you just got to love him and his “man lance”.  I do. 

     There is not much negative that I can say about this book, except that it was too short.  Even the ARC that I received I had no trouble reading.  The editing was already done, there was not the tripping over words that I have found with other ARC’s.

    If you love paranormal romance, if you love good conquering evil, if you love dragons, goofy faeries, and the like you will love this book, and you should buy it.  Annette Blair never fails to make me want more.  BUY THE BOOK!

      I rate this one a 5 out of 5, even though I wanted it longer.  When can I get the next one Ms. Blair? Tomorrow is not too soon.



Set in part of Salem, Massachusetts. McKenna Greylock needs to make a mortgage payment in time to beat a greedy developer, Elliott Huntley, at this own game. Problem is that McKenna has less than ninety days to do so. McKenna must get her Victorian bed-and-breakfast up to code before she can even have paying guests, which is all but impossible since her contractor fell off a roof and is now disabled. In dire need of a jack-of-all-trades handyman, McKenna contacts Vivica Quinlan who owns the Works Like Magick employment agency.

Vivica sends Bastian Draonelli, but does not tell McKenna how "different" he really is. Bastian is a dragon warrior from the Island of Stars within a parallel plane of existence. Once a Roman Warrior before being changed into a dragon, Bastian has been morphed into a man once more in hopes of freeing his dragon brothers. To do so, Bastian must seek out his heart mate and make her quest his own. When Bastian breached the veil to our plane, two others slipped through with him. Jock is a small, blue guardian dragon. Dewcup is a mischievous teacup faery. But Killian, an evil sorceress, is determined Bastian will fail.

***** FIVE STARS! Forget the vampires and demons, give me the dragons! Full of suspense, humor, and romance, this novel is sure to please any paranormal or fantasy fan. The pixie, Dewcup, is not the only bit of comedy relief. McKenna has a cat that insists on wearing a tissue box as a hat. Dewcup enjoys riding on the feline as if the poor thing were a horse. For anyone that has read the author's novel title "The Kitchen Witch", you will be treated to a cameo or two by Melody Seabright! I really enjoy how the author sometimes gives a cameo to one or more characters from another novel. This is just one more way the author makes her stories special for her readers. ~Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews 

Naked Dragon-Annette Blair


The Roman soldiers were fighting when Killian the crone of Chaos cursed them; changing them into dragons and propelling them into an alternate reality on the Island of Stars. They have waited for centuries to come home as humans. Now they have a chance due to Killian’s enemy Andra who enables one of them Bastian to return to Earth two millennia after the banishment spell as a human in search of his soulmate.

In Salem’s End, the firm Works Like Magick hires magical temps for their clients. Viveca Quinlan hooks up Bastian as a handyman for McKenna Greylock, who must turn her bed and breakfast into a profit making venture or lose an estate that has been part of her family for centuries. .The land developer has other thoughts for the property and will do anything to obtain it. Only Bastian Dragonelli stands in the way, but his employer wants him to leave as she fears her attraction to her temp.

The first Works Like Magick urban romantic fantasy is a fun lighthearted entertaining tale that is filled with magic mostly because of the hero’s struggles to adapt to modern society. Amusing yet with a serious subplot as no one escapes the wrath of Killian, fans will enjoy the naked Dragon who learns what a lance truly is and its true purpose from his beloved employer.

Harriet Klausner


Title: /Naked Dragon /
Author: Annette Blair
Release Date: 2010
Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Bastian, the dragon turned man, has a mission: to help his as-yet
unknown soulmate and by doing so, save his brother dragons. McKenna
Greylock also has a mission: to save her land from the greedy developers
and make her grandmother’s dream of a bed-and-breakfast come true.

Such is the premise of /Naked Dragon/. If Annette Blair weren’t so
skilled and humorous, this book would have been as trite and clichéd as
the endless retellings of the Lord of the Rings series. But it’s not
trite or clichéd, and you’re guaranteed a laugh a chapter. And the
chapters are short, making this ideal for a pick-up-and-go sort of book.

I can’t say much about the plot without giving it away, though it is
fairly predictable. It is, after all, a romance—and we know the hero
gets the heroine (or vice versa) by the end. In this book, it’s not so
much the end as the journey, and this is one voyage you’ll enjoy all the
way through. It is in her characters that Blair’s talent shines. Their
dialogue sparkles so much you’ll need sunglasses.

So grab this book when you need a pick-me-up, grab your favorite
beverage, and settle in for a cuddly, comfortable, laugh-out-loud read.
You won’t be sorry.  Ann, formerly of Scribesworld


A long, long time ago, a legion of Roman soldiers tried to take Britain from the Celts. Unfortunately for the Romans, the Celts had a powerful sorceress working for them. In order to safeguard her home, Killian cursed the legion and banished them to the Island of Stars. Now is the time when Andra—the good sorceress—has managed to save enough of her power to send one of the dragons back to Earth as a human male. She can only manage to send one, so she sends Bastian, the alpha among the dragons. Before she does, Andra tells Bastian that he his heart mate will lead him to the crowned dragon and he must make her quest his own. If Bastian fails in this quest, not only will Andra lose even more power, but his dragon brothers will all perish. Andra also warns Bastian not to let his inner dragon out, or Killian will win.

When Bastian lands naked in a grove, he is met by a woman—well, witch really—and is surrounded by spirits. Not only Bastian made it through the veil, but he has a guardian dragon with him, Jock, and a pesky little fairy also accompanied him. The woman, Viveca, takes Bastian home with her in order to help him adjust. Turns out Viveca runs an employment agency and a very successful one at that.

McKenna Graylock only has ninety days to bring her home up to code. When her grandmother died, McKenna’s mother promised the place would be turned into a bed and breakfast. Of course, McKenna didn’t realize her mother had mortgaged the place in order to pay the medical expenses when her mother became ill. So now, McKenna has to manage to get everything done and B & B open in ninety days, or she will end up defaulting on the mortgage and there’s a developer who really wants her land. And that’s not all. McKenna’s contractor—a close friend—was injured and can no longer work. Since he has all the permits in his name, he will be able to supervise thankfully. Desperate, McKenna goes to her relative Viveca to find a handyman. When Bastian Dragonelli shows up, McKenna just knows he’s going to be trouble. Just look at the man, he’s absolutely gorgeous and playing all kinds of havoc with her hormones. 

Will they be able to get the B & B up and running in time? Will McKenna be able to pay the mortgage, or will the greedy developer take everything away from McKenna? And what’s up with all the weird magickal abilities Bastian has? Exactly what is Bastian? Will Bastian be able to keep his inner dragon at bay? Will he succeed in his quest and save his brothers and Andra?

NAKED DRAGON A WORKS LIKE MAGICK NOVEL is a highly entertaining magickal read. Annette Blair once again proves why she’s on my auto buy list. Everything I have ever read by this author has a place on my keeper shelf and this is one series I can’t wait to see where Annette Blair takes it next. We have a bit of everything in this story, from the magick of true love between a modern woman who has issues with her weight and her dragon warrior trying to fit into the modern world, to the greedy developer who will do whatever it takes to get McKenna’s land, including murder. And, I have to admit, I cried at the end. A truly heartfelt sigh worthy ending. I highly recommend this book to all lovers of magick and true love.




Naked Dragon

When McKenna Greylock finds herself in a bind finishing the work on her B&B she turns to Vivica Quinlan, her cousin and owner of the Works Like Magick Employment Agency. Vivica has a knack for hitting the perfect balance of employee and employer together. Luckily for McKenna, Vivica has just the right for this job.

Bastian Dragonelli is a Roman Warrior who has been turned, along with the other warriors of his legion, into a dragon. He crosses the veil between worlds seeking a way to transform his legion back into the men they once were. But Killian, Sorceress of Chaos, who changed the legion into dragons in the first place, is bound and determined to stop him.

Naked Dragon is the first book in an all new series, Works Like Magick, from Annette Blair. A series that is off to a great start, in this reviewer's humble opinion. I found myself completely hooked within the first thirty pages and could not put it down until the very last word had been savored. If you are a fan of Ms. Blair's delightful previous series you will be happy to note that Melody Seabright drops in to say howdy! Bastian is a lovely specimen of alpha maleness. He is also the source of many jokes due to his rather severe case of culture shock. Something that lead to many hilarious misunderstandings that left me giggling. McKenna is great fun as well, a woman who is at her wits end and desperately in need of a handyman to fix her B&B up. I loved the Works Like Magick temp agency and can't wait to see who or what is hired next!

Reviewed by: Hayley



Bastian Dragonelli has been many things in his life--a Roman Warrior, a dragon and he just landed on Earth as a human again.  Bastian, his brother dragons and friends are fighting a sorceress who would destroy them all.  Bastian has landed on Earth with a mission, he has to defeat the test set up for him by the evil sorceress.  His success will allow the next of his brother dragons to arrive and do the same.  Basitian’s only help here on Earth are two creatures that came through the veil with him and a magical human, Vivica Quinlan, who was waiting for him.

McKenna Greylock is trying her hardest to save the family property from a developer who wants the property at any price.  McKenna’s family is old and magical, however, she is the non-magical member at this point.  Being able to keep the property from foreclosure might prove impossible if McKenna doesn’t get some good luck on her side.  The days are counting down quickly and the only luck she’s had so far is bad as she tries to turn the place into a bed and breakfast.  McKenna decides to visit her magical cousin, Vivica to see about hiring a handyman who can work hard, cheaply and perform miracles.  After all, Vivica does own Works Like Magick, a placement agency and has a wondrous reputation.

Bastian knows McKenna is his mission as soon as he sees her at the agency.  Now he just has to figure out how to help her and complete his mission.  McKenna is attracted to Bastian but she has a terrible track record with men and has decided to keep the line between them as employer/employee.  Too bad everything inside her wants to explore what could be between them.  Accidents happen all around and Bastian recognizes it’s from his enemy, but McKenna’s success or failure at her bed and breakfast is a mystery to him.  With danger coming from various directions and the attraction heating to the melting point, Bastian and McKenna will need every ounce of inner strength to win the day and discover their happy ever after.

When you hire a dragon, even unknowingly, expect sparks to fly.  Naked Dragon begins the tale of dragons coming to Earth with Bastian and McKenna.  McKenna is the last of her family line and tries with everything she has to hold on to her legacy.  Bastian only knows about fighting to win, but when he finds himself on Earth he discovers an even better reason to fight – for love.  When I first met McKenna I thought the blip was wrong and she might have been the dragon as she used sarcasm and a rough exterior to hide her tender heart.  Bastian soon discovered as I did just how loving and determined McKenna was.  Sparks and humorous quips became flames and heated encounters pretty fast while Bastian learned how to help McKenna. They both discovered who their friends and enemies were, which led to an ending that had me holding my breath.  The final outcome was one that made me cheer for Bastian and McKenna.  Naked Dragon has humor, danger, magic and a wondrous love woven into the threads of time into the present.  I can’t wait for the next Works Like Magick novel. 



Naked Dragon (Works Like Magick, Book 1) by Annette Blair

As owner of the Works Like Magick employment agency in Salem, Massachussetts, Vivica Quinlan has a gift for perfectly matching clients with magical temps that works every time.

McKenna Greylock contacts Vivica in desperate need of a jack-of-all-trades handyman to help repair her Victorian bed-and-breakfast. She has a shoestring budget and ninety days to meet the building inspector's approval—or the house will be repossessed and purchased by her duplicitous cousin.

To McKenna's surprise, Vivica sends the gorgeous Bastian Dragonelli who not only possesses the speed, strength, and agility to get the job done, but also sets her soul ablaze with a fiery passion she's never experienced before. And if McKenna can accept Bastian's true nature—as a dragon warrior—she'll find her life heating up in more ways than one.

This is the first Annette Blair novel in the “Works Like Magick” series from Berkely Sensations. As I had not read any of Blair'’s previous work, I was excited about discovering an author that was new to me. As I am also new to paranormal fiction, it was another opportunity to expand my exposure to what is becoming a favorite genre of mine in romantic fiction.

Bastian Dragonelli is a Roman warrior who lived almost 2,000 years ago and who was changed suddenly into a dragon and taken from earth to the Island of Stars in an alternate reality. Assisted by the Goddess of Hope to return to the earth as a man, Bastian is drawn to McKenna from the first time he spots her at Vivica's employment agency where he is being educated by Vivica (a powerful witch) so that he can learn English, understand human ways, and learn to live among 21st century humanity.

McKenna Greylock is the last of a long line of Celtic witches who have survived over the centuries. As the last of her line she is trying to retain the property that is her only legacy. Obsessed with wresting the land away from McKenna, an unjust and unscrupulous developer is doing all he can to upend her efforts to meet the deadline for paying the mortgage arrears as well as the delinquent taxes, including injury to her contractor. Bastian comes into her life with his strange language and his strange ways, but she is drawn to him in spite of herself.

Blair has written a truly delightful romance that seems to have many of the qualities of a fairy tale. Yet the characters are real, the circumstances are all too contemporary in today's economy, and McKenna is a woman who has learned that there are few people in whom she can safely put her trust. The extended illnesses of her grandmother and her mother have exhausted her resources – another situation that is all too familiar. Bastian's gentle spirit, his winsome ways, his desire for her, his kindnesses and his evident and extraordinary abilities begin to melt McKenna's resistance and challenge her determination not to let any man into her life. Yet her inner spirit is hungry for authentic relationship. Bastian recognizes her as his heartmate but is wise enough to bide his time, not only to eventually be able to woo her into a physical relationship but to also hope that she can accept his alternate existence as a dragon.

We meet good people here as well as some who are pure evil. I was delighted by the children who could see Bastian's guardian dragon and a tiny fairy that had accompanied him “through the veil” onto earth. There was joy reclaimed when Bastian made it possible for McKenna to see and converse with her parents and her grandparents, to experience the love and protection that was all around her with her family spirits who were remaining until she found true love, and her meeting with Ciarra, the original witch in her ancestry. There's a lot to like here. The humor was wonderful and I have to confess to some hearty laughing while reading. There is hope and renewal as Bastian makes McKenna's quest his own. Yet it is a joy to witness McKenna's discovery about her own skills and strengths. When she encounters Bastian true dragon self, the exchange is beautiful and heartwarming.

I think this is a delightful book and I hope all of you take the time to read it. It is not overly long but is well-written and display's the author's skill in telling a very good story.


I give this book a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

You can read more from Judith at Dr J's Book Place


Naked Dragon

Format: Print Books

Series: Other

Series: Works Like Magick (Book 1) 

The Works like Magick Employment Agency has a reputation for perfectly matching clients with magical temps. So when McKenna Greylock requests a handyman, the gorgeous Bastian Dragonelli arrives to repair her B&B- and fire up her bedroom.

For centuries, in the The Witch City, human magick has thinned the veil between the planes to a permeable mist, forming a portal into Salem, allowing more and more magickal supernatural ancients--time travelers and chameleons of the universe--to enter there. Bastian Dragonelli, once a Roman warrior turned dragon, is the first of his legion to be returned to earth, a man. There, so his brothers can also be saved and sent back, he must recover the magick of the sorceress Andra, Goddess of Hope, who gave her powers to transform him. To do so, Bastian must seek his heart mate at the sign of the crowned dragon and make her quest his own.

But the dark and powerful Killian, Sorceress of Chaos, who turned his legion into dragons and skewed his transition back into a man, is lightning-hot and hailstone-swift on his heels. McKenna Greylock, the last non-magical descendant of Ciarra McKenna, a witch who survived the hanging times, needs a jack-of-all-trades to help turn her dilapidated Victorian into a bed and breakfast in time to pay her mortgage and meet the building inspector's approval, or she will lose her home and her family's centuries-old legacy. Enter McKenna's cousin, Vivica Quinlan--a highly evolved witch with the power of centuries behind her. Owner of the Works Like Magick Employment Agency, Vivica has a gift for matching human employers with magickal employees. Like her High-Priestess ancestors before her, Vivica knows when the magickal supernatural ancients are about to arrive, so she greets and acclimates them to life, and to making a living, in Salem.

This book was so much fun. I've been hooked on her books since I read "Kitchen Witch", and this was just as good. There were lots of laugh out loud moments, and seeing Bastian as he adjusts to his new shape and time was hilarious and moving at the same time. I am really looking forward to the next one.

Susan F.
Fredericksburg, VA
December 2009 Member of the Month!


Pearl's World of Romance

- A dragon sent to Earth to find his heart mate in order to fulfill his destiny and save his brothers
- A cranky but loving house-owner in desperate need of a handyman and love
- A pesky and creepy property developer who has nothing but evil in mind
- Magical creatures that are colorful in more ways than just to the eye: a Goddess of Hope, A Crone of Chaos, a faery pixie, a guardian dragon
- A wonderful and sensuous romance filled with laugh-out-loud, pee-your-pants humor

Hero: Bastian Dragonelli, was turned from Roman warrior to Dragon to human handy man. He’s a true alpha dragon. He’s bold, protective and fearless. But he’s also caring, impetuous and endeared me with his unfamiliarity with earthly things.

Heroine: McKenna Greylock is a descendant of a famous witch in Salem but she has not inherited any magick. She is obstinate, tenacious, a little bit bossy and difficult and sometimes short-tempered and challenging. But she has a heart of gold.

Plot: There were a few plots and they flowed into one, connecting together in a fast-paced and thrilling ending. There’s the story line of McKenna needing to open her B&B as soon as possible so she won’t loose the house and land to an evil property developer, there’s the task of finding his heart mate for Bastian, in order to save his brothers from eternal destruction by an evil sorceress and of course there’s the romance between Bastian and McKenna. The plots were all clear and well written and fit into each other seamlessly.

Writing: What caught my attention throughout the book was the humor. I laughed so hard and so many times I lost count. It was everywhere: in the dialogues, in the plot, in the characters. The most funny parts were those where Bastian’s unfamiliarity with earthly things were displayed, the way he described everyday things like cars (“colorful noisemaking machines with stink powder coming out of their hind ends”), thin women (“bony females who needed feeding and badly”), breasts (“dragon-hardening globes”) or fried eggs (“food with big yellow eyes”).
After first 100 pages humor was toned down a bit as Bastian got more knowledgeable and familiar with the earthly terms and things and the story and pace seemed to fizzle out a bit but luckily the last 100+ pages were up to par again.

- The humor which I found refreshing as with paranormal the norm seems to be dark and gritty at the moment
- The romance that was touching and hot

- Very, very short chapters, average chapters: 5 pages and sometimes there were chapter breaks in the middle of scenes.
- Like other people's reading pet peeves can be babies or children, mine is ghosts. I dislike them in stories and there are plenty if them in NAKED DRAGON.

I thoroughly enjoyed NAKED DRAGON. The book caught me by surprise with its great humor that made it laugh-out-loud funny without going over the top. It’s also a lovely and touching romance that was fast-paced but never felt rushed. I don’t know why I left this treasure of a book on the shelves for so long and I can’t wait for Bastian’s brothers to get their books as this one has really left me wanting more.

Favorite Quotes:

“Your eyes are violet,” she said.
They’re dragon-elli eyes. Dragonelli. All my brothers have eyes this color.”
It’s in the genes, then?”
No, that is my man lance in my jeans. I am sorry if it distracts you. It is a bit out of control today.”

“McKenna?” her friend said. “You’re not answering me. I repeat. Have you seen him naked?”
“Little bit.”
“Yes!” Lizzie screamed. ”I’ll bet he’s hung.”
“Well, he wasn’t hiding a cocktail frank under that blanket.”

"I could get used to playing the royal in the bedroom.”
“I will adore you, my queen, with every inch of my body, and I have many inches.” His rough voice promised heaven while his look turned her into a useless puddle of need.




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