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Gone With the Witch


Storm Cartwright is one of the Cartwright witch triplets. Storm has a power that the sisters have struggled to understand since the beginning. She has the ability to see and hear things but only as they pertain to the present. At the wedding of her sister Storm is driven to distraction by the best man, Aiden. Not only is he one sexy man, but Storm keeps hearing a baby crying whenever she is around him. Storm will do anything to find the source of the baby cry and if that means kidnapping the skittish Aiden then so be it!

Yet another fun romp by Annette Blair! Gone With the Witch is as delightful and whimsical as the previous tales involving Victoria, Harmony, Destiny, and Storm. Storm is probably my favorite of the triplets and this story only served to reinforce that opinion. Hilarious dialog has come to be the norm in Annette Blair’s Witch books but she has managed to raise the bar in Gone With the Witch. At some points I was actually giggling out loud at the witty remarks Storm was throwing out. Aiden was the perfect foil for Storm; sedate, calm, and levelheaded, he needed her to shake up his life even if he didn’t know it. It was a delight watching the characters that we have met in previous stories develop emotionally and meeting new characters that I can’t wait to learn more about. Gone With the Witch is a book that I would recommend to anyone!

Reviewed by: Hayley


Another Five Fang Review for Annette Blair

Annette Blair's books are sexy, sultry and magickal.

I really loved
Gone with the Witch. This was Storm's story, she's the misfit triplet, the goth, the loner.

Storm likes to stand out and she's found a rebellious match in the roaming Aiden McCloud who lives in a motor coach travelling the world like a turtle with his shell on his back.

Storm and Aiden were instantly attracted to each other when they met at Harmony's new husband King's castle.

Aiden and King are long time best friends though Aiden isn't as willing to settle down as King. King has his castle and roots while the ever wild boy Aiden has no intentions on settling down and to make sure of that he's been celibate for awhile so sexual entanglements don't become entrapment's.

Storm's not willing to settle down either but she hears a baby cry whenever she's near Aiden and knows it is his child and she needs help.

Storm and Aiden end up in his motor coach travelling with no destination known they just follow the sound of the bay crying, that only Storm can hear.

It is an excursion full of knowledge and the two learn a lot about themselves and their pasts. Storm uncovers lost family, family she didn't know she had and embarks on healing old wounds. Aiden has to come to terms with what he lost, what he's gaining and learn to put down roots.

Will Storm and Aiden get over their troubled histories and give into the love and lust brewing between them? Can they stop being loners and learn to love each other and put down roots and accept commitment?

Annette Blair is amazing. She combines mystery, magick, love, lust and family ties into an amazing blend of sexual desire, bantering dialogue, and deep emotion and makes it all fun and easy to read. I can't get enough of Blair's wickedly fun witches and wild men who don't want to be tied down.

I really love that Blair throws children into the mix. It's like she's saying "you can have a fun and sexy life while being a parent" and "there is sex after children".

Honestly you don't have to give up sex or give up on being sexy just because you have kids and I am glad women like Blair are weaving that into romance novels to get the message out. The books used to be romance, sex, pregnancy- end of story. Not anymore. We modern women can have it all!



TITLE: Gone With the Witch

(Triplet Witch Trilogy #2 / May 6, 2008)

AUTHOR: Annette Blair

13 ISBN: 9780425221211

10 ISBN: 0425221210


The Cartwright sisters are identical triplets. Each have their own unique psychic gift, in addition to the bonds they share together. Storm is the Goth sister, blue hair color and all. No one understands Storm's power. Storm hears and sees the present, of all things. For most of her life, Storm has been hearing children crying. Her sisters, Harmony and Destiny, thought it was buried guilt making her hallucinate and they kept mute about it. In truth, Storm needs to go on a journey and learn what her spiritual psychic mandate is. Since Storm keeps hearing a baby cry whenever she is around Aiden McCloud, the hunky best man at Harmony's wedding, she decides to follow the sound of the cries.


Aiden McCloud is a wanderer. He has never wanted to set down roots. Aiden owns a motor home and goes where ever he desires. Lately, however, he has been desiring a certain sorceress with blue hair and sassy attitude. "How can a guy ignore a walking orgasm in the shape of a Goddess with magick laughter and satin skin?" But Storm's talk about going on a psychic journey to find a crying baby somehow connected to him just scares Aiden. Therefore, Aiden did what any brave man would do in that situation; he ran! Too bad for him that Storm's powers include telekinesis, if she is passionately mad enough, and she is beyond furious when Aiden tries to run. Time for a little abduction.


Once Aiden convinces himself that he would go along with Storm's quest of finding a crying baby somehow connected to him (just to prove her wrong, of course), his eyes begin to really open. On their journey, Storm stops the motor home whenever she hears a crying baby's psychic plea. Seeing Storm rescue a few kids begins to shake him up. After all, if Storm was right about those kids in need, then perhaps she really does hear... No! Not something he wants to think about. This is not all fun for Storm either. Her gift for locating kids in need of rescuing leads her to a casino. Within, Storm meets an older version of herself, except with a wicked way of looking at life. Yes, "throw a little water on that woman and watch her melt. Her name is NOT Glinda!" Storm also finds an unexpected surprise. (But you must read to find out what it is.)


As the two travel, their attraction to each other intensifies to frightening proportions. Their little love trip is even hitting the national news. But most importantly, Storm must learn to trust her instincts, accept her powers, and be true to herself if she were ever to have any hope of ever loving a wanderer.


A spellbinding story that totally knocked my socks off! No ghosts this time around. Instead, a much more serious topic is covered. Once again I find myself in awe over the author's ability to make the characters so memorable. This is perfect for your next vacation or day alone and will leave you with a big smile on your face. Author Annette Blair writes priceless romance adventures. ~Detra Fitch


Coming May 6, 2008


ISBN-0425221210     Excerpt!  The Story




Gone With the Witch

Annette Blair

5 Blue Ribbons


GONE WITH THE WITCH was great fun! Wonderful characters, a riveting storyline and a sensuous undercurrent are just a few of the things that made this such a phenomenal story.


Storm Cartwright's sister is getting married and Storm is completely smitten with the best man, Aiden. By the way, this isn't exactly a normal wedding—Storm and her sisters are witches. Each holding a different power, Storm's is clairvoyance and clairaudience. She is able to hear voices that lead her where she needs to go. Since Storm and Aiden met, she has been able to hear a baby cry—his baby, she believes and he denies. Determined to kidnap Aiden (if he won't go willingly) and track down the crying baby, Storm plans on using this to her advantage to be alone with him. They've been fighting their attraction long enough. It's time to seal the deal and get what they both want and need.


Aiden's little witch is driving him insane. He'd love nothing more than to toss her onto the nearest surface and take her. Unfortunately, Storm isn't the type of woman Aiden can be with once and leave behind. Aiden isn't looking for a long term relationship. He wants to be able to do what he wants, when he wants, without answering to anyone. If only he could get both Storm and the image of the crying baby out of his head. How the heck is he supposed to resist? Maybe he should just go with Storm…


GONE WITH THE WITCH was great fun! Wonderful characters, a riveting storyline and a sensuous undercurrent are just a few of the things that made this such a phenomenal story. Storm is a hoot! She had me rolling in laughter through the entire story. She is such a perfect counterpoint to Aiden's more staid personality. She's wild and carefree while Aiden has his own surefire beliefs about everything. The romance that blooms between these two, when Aiden finally gives in, will have reader's hearts melting. The adventure Aiden and Storm embark on to find this crying baby will have you riveted to the pages dying to know how it's all going to work out. Annette Blair always has fun with her witch characters and it is very evident in this story. If you've never read her before, please do! I guarantee you'll be a die-hard fan in no time.  ~Amanda Haffery


Coming May 6, 2008

ISBN-0425221210  Excerpt!  The Story


Romantic Times

4 Stars: This second story about psychic triplets is just as good as the first. Again there is plenty of magic and spell casting, as well as lots of hot, sexy situations. There are a number of familiar characters mentioned and some charming new ones, and both main characters develop wonderfully over the course of the story.

Summary: Since meeting Aiden, Storm's psychic gifts have kicked into overdrive. Not only that, when she's around him she can hear a baby crying. Storm is sure that it's his little girl. Unable to persuade him to come with her in search of this child, Storm abducts Aiden and heads out with him in his motor home.

After finally convincing him to follow her, Storm's gift for finding children in need is revealed. She also makes some personal discoveries that change her life--and Aiden's as well. (Berkley Sensation, May, 304 pp., $6.99) HOT 
~Susan Mobley

Coming May 6, 2008

ISBN-0425221210  Excerpt!  The Story

Romance Reviews Today


Triplet Witch Trilogy, Book 2
ISBN-10: 0-425-22121-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-22121-1
May 2008
Paranormal Romance

Salem, Massachusetts - Present Day

GONE WITH THE WITCH opens with the wedding of Harmony and King, a continuance of the first book (SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH – August 2007) in this witchy trilogy.  Harmony, Destiny, and Storm are the triplets introduced in Blair’s first witch trilogy that began with THE KITCHEN WITCH. GONE WITH THE WITCH is Storm’s story. She is the rebellious Goth witch with the smart, sassy attitude, a personality brought into her story. Storm is the only triplet who hasn’t found her niche in life, but as her story unfolds, she will learn her destiny. One hunky man named Aiden McCloud is the catalyst to Storm’s future, and she kidnaps and seduces him to begin their journey.

The first portion of this story is purely seduction and erotic sensuality, and I began to wonder if there was going to be a story. And then the plot began to develop. Both Aiden and Storm cleverly hide their insecurities; Aiden by travels and no commitments, and Storm by a smart mouth and rebellious attitude. Storm hears a baby’s cry and links the child to Aiden, who denies any possibility of a child being his. But Storm is determined that finding this baby is her destiny, and she needs Aiden with her to find the child. Their journey will bring healing and understanding along with unexpected surprises that shock them both as their natural warmth and strength emerge.

GONE WITH THE WITCH is sensual, close to being erotic, but redeems itself with a touching emotional tale. I’ve read all of the ‘witchy’ tales from Ms. Blair, and found this to stand on its own, but made even better having known many of the characters previously. I would recommend them all for your reading pleasure. ~Carol Carter


Coming May 6, 2008

ISBN-0425221210  Excerpt!  The Story

Fresh Fiction Review

Each triplet in the Cartwright family possesses a special gift, though Storm has never understood hers. Are the crying children she hears penance for a wild past, or something more? After meeting sexy Aiden McCloud, she begins hearing a child cry, a cry that won't go away, leaving her determined to get to the bottom of this odd phenomena with or without Aiden's assistance.

Aiden doesn't believe in the paranormal, and he doesn't believe that the strong attraction he feels for the aptly named Storm is anything more than lust brought on by extended celibacy. He's in town for the wedding of his friend, but as soon as the "I Do's" are said, he's off the island and on the road, leaving Massachusetts and the sexy, psychic witch far behind, his emotions and more volatile body parts untouched.

Storm knows Aiden plans to run as soon as Harmony and King are married, and she has a plan of her own. With the reluctant Aiden handcuffed to the bed in the back, she navigates the home on wheels across the state, guided only by the sound of the crying child she hears whenever she's near him.

What begins as an erotically charged trip quickly changes into a journey of self-discovery for both Aiden and Storm. Storm begins to realize the full potential of her psychic gift as she encounters more than one child in need of her assistance, including one totally unexpected smart-mouthed pre-teen with much closer ties than Storm could ever have imagined. For Aiden, the discovery of what the crying child means for him brings more joy and sorrow than he could have ever imagined, while at the same time threatening his bond with the woman who's come to mean more to him than he would have ever believed.

Annette Blair's GONE WITH THE WITCH, the latest in her saga of Salem Witches that began with THE KITCHEN WITCH, is an emotionally charged story of a couple overcoming obstacles from their past as they try to discover if the passion they share is enough to build a future together. GONE WITH THE WITCH starts out as somewhat light, bawdy, entertaining fun, which is what I thoroughly enjoy in all of Ms. Blair's books. She can be hysterically outrageous, and I can count on several laugh-out-loud moments. This story tugged at the heart as I was drawn into a tale of two people who've lived on the surface of life, afraid to seek greater depth to their existence for fear of being hurt yet again. Storm and Aiden are made for one another, and their discovery of this fact makes a truly satisfying story. This book is a definite addition to my keeper shelf.  Paula Myers

Coming May 6, 2008

ISBN-0425221210   Excerpt!  The Story

Sensual and Erotic Ecataromance

Storm hears a baby crying and is determined to find and reunite it with its father, Aiden. Storm is a little eccentric and fanatical and Aiden is completely in lust with her but he is not about to take off to parts unknown to find some phantom baby that he knows does not exist. That leaves Storm with only one alternative; she kidnaps Aiden, handcuffing him to the bed in his RV, I mean traveling home.

After some strong persuasion and extraordinary sex play, Aiden is convinced to go along with Storm, especially after she rescues a crying baby through her psychic abilities. But it is not THE baby and the journey continues with Storm and Aiden growing closer to each other and the crying babe.

OMG, what a fantastically fun story! GONE WITH THE WITCH has it all; sensuously personable characters, breath-taking romance and a story line that is amusing and totally unique. Talented Annette Blair continues her triplet witchy books with Storm’s story, my favorite of the triplets. Family secrets are exposed in this book and add to the understanding of the triplets. GONE WITH THE WITCH, don’t you love that title, is a stand alone book but I bet you won’t be able to resist buying just this one book by Annette Blair; she is addictive! by Sensual Admin

Coming May 6, 2008

ISBN-0425221210   Excerpt!  The Story

Reader to Reader

Immediately after her sister Harmony’s wedding to King (Sex and the Psychic Witch), Storm Cartwright actually kidnaps hunky antiques restorer Aiden McCloud -- and in his very own motor home.   The two have been dancing around the erotic connection between them for weeks now, and Storm has decided enough is enough.   Aiden is stripped naked and handcuffed to his king-sized bed during the first leg of this journey to-who-knows-where.   Storm knows that if her lover is set free he will take her home and dump her, and she’s not going to let that happen.  

Storm hears a baby crying for its father every time she is near Aiden.  She is convinced it is his child who needs him even though Aiden denies any possibility of being a father.   But her psychic vibes keep leading her to a motherless and fatherless baby.

Annette Blair’s second contribution to her Triplet trilogy should come with oven mitts as it is hot, hot, hot. The ending is just wonderful, with fantastic characters and a strong narrative.   If the reader likes her romantic comedies just shy of being classified as erotica, this is definitely the book for you!  Believe me when I say, this is one road trip you do not want to miss! Betty Cox, Reader to Reader

Coming May 6, 2008

ISBN-0425221210   Excerpt!  The Story

ISBN# 978-0-425-22121-1
May 2008
Berkley Sensation, published by The Berkley Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014
286 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Storm Cartwright has it all planned out. Right after her sister's wedding, she will kidnap Aiden and take him on a journey to find the crying baby she hears when she is near him. She knows he does not believe her but she is out to prove that she is right. She also intends to put their teasing of each other to rest once and for all.

Aiden McCloud knows if he is to keep to his vow of celibacy, he must keep away from Storm. But that will not be easy once he finds himself handcuffed to his bed. He believes she is a nut case and he swears he does not have any children. But after all is said and done, will he begin to believe in her psychic powers?

Aiden agrees to go along with Storm after one night aboard his motor coach even though he does not believe the baby she is hearing is his child. On the plus side of things, they can finally give in to the attraction they feel for each other. Storm just wants a fling, or so she thinks. As they begin to know each other, their attraction grows. Will they be willing to let go of their independence enough to trust in love?

What a truly wonderful dragon ride this story is. The characters grabbed me from the first. Storm is a whirlwind of emotion as Aiden tries his best to be a loner. The adventures of these two characters blend well with the feelings and thoughts that often run from hot to cold in the space of a heartbeat. But I loved every minute of reading this and I will be watching for the next book in this series to hit the shelves. Do not pass this book up, you will fall in love with the family as soon as you read the first page.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

REVIEW: Gone with the Witch by Annette Blair--A+

Written by Sandy M - January 6, 2009 at 1:00 pm

Book CoverSandy M's review of Gone with the Witch (Triplet Witch Trilogy, Book 2) by Annette Blair
Contemporary Paranormal Romance published by Berkley 6 May 08

I so enjoy Annette Blair's books.  They're just plain old fun.  They have some of the snappiest banter I've ever read.  And they're as sexy as hell.  For those days you have no idea what you want to read, crack open one of Ms. Blair's books and you'll be smiling for days to come afterward.

And even start at the very beginning of Ms. Blair's witch books.  This is her second trilogy and even though the first three books, her Accidental Witch Trilogy, The Kitchen Witch, My Favorite Witch, and The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe, are not that closely related to this second set, there are some overlapping characters, but you just don't want to miss all the fun to start with.  When I finish one of these witch books, I always think there's no way the author can top that in her next one.  And she always proves me wrong.  I actually like Gone with the Witch the best of the bunch so far.  The sexual playing and tension starts right off the bat between Aiden and Storm, along with a great mystery brought on by the fact that Storm hears a baby crying whenever she's near Aiden.

He refuses to believe this baby has anything to do with him, especially because he's a wanderer, crisscrosses the country in his motor coach when he's contracted for jobs as an antiques restorer.  Storm, on the other hand, is sure to her bones that this child she hears is definitely his, and knowing that she won't get any cooperation from Aiden, she devises a plan to abduct him in his own home on wheels so they can gallivant around the country to solve this mystery.  Of course, it's the quick and snappy repartee between them and the unexpected trouble they find along the way that makes for the aforementioned fun in this book.

Aiden and Storm are both such likable characters, and with all that sexual playin' around in the beginning, I wanted them to get on with the deed and quit teasing me.  But what fun would that be? It comes soon enough and it's worth waiting the extra chapters for.  They each have their own reasons for being independent loners, wanting and looking for love but afraid to really find it.  But when everything is finally out in the open, when their lives take a decidedly huge left turn when they make discoveries they could never imagine, they find love, much more than they ever dreamed of.  Ms. Blair even had me in tears a few times near the end of the story at the results and reactions of these discoveries.

Don't wait for a rainy day to read Annette Blair's books.  Don't even wait for those times when you need a distraction from life.  Take that distraction now and enjoy yourself like you haven't in a very long time.  Give yourself over to the romance and the love you'll find in the pages of her books.  You'll be hooked in no time.   Reviewed by Sandy

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