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"The Kitchen Witch is one of the best romantic comedies I've ever read, bar none." —Deirdre Martin

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Annette Blair
Berkley, ISBN: 0-425-19881-2
Oct. 2004, Contemporary Romance

Logan Kilgarven has returned to Salem, Massachusetts to give his young son, Shane, a steady life, with loving neighbors and family.  Logan is through with his bad-boy image and is now a producer for the local television station.  But even with close friends and family nearby, he’s short a babysitter one night.  On a friend’s recommendation, he asks his neighbor, Melody Seabright, if she would consider it.  She does -- for a price.

Melody wants to be a success at her life, on her terms.  Not with Daddy’s money, which is all he seems to give her.  She helps out Shane because he’s so adorable -- and so is Daddy.  But... she wants a shot at the new cooking show.  She knows she can make it a success, even if she can’t cook.  Thus begins a series of interesting encounters with Logan, and some very unique results in the kitchen.

What fun!  Melody is an offbeat character that is a free spirit yet has her feet firmly on the ground.  Logan is so sweet and so willing to do the best for his son that any woman will fall a little in love with him.  Okay, a lot in love with him!  Ms. Blair keeps a light tone throughout the story without glossing over the emotional baggage each character carries in tonnage.  This is the first in a trilogy and I am looking forward to the next installment.  Karen Larsen



Salem, Massachusetts has always been the place where magic seems to abound. In Annette Blair’s wonderful contemporary The Kitchen Witch, magic sparkles as two people find each other and fall in love.

Logan Kilgarven has returned to his childhood stomping grounds of Salem. He’s looking for stability and a wonderful place to raise his son. Trying to out-run a past he’s embarrassed about, he’s working at a TV station as a producer. When he can’t find a sitter for his young son, Logan turns to his [highly recommended] downstairs neighbor for help. With her vintage clothes and flighty personality, Melody is the least stable person he could think of to expose his son to.

Melody Seabright agrees to baby-sit Logan’s son only after he agrees to get her an interview with his boss. When the interview is done, Melody has her own cooking show. There is only one small problem. She can’t cook. That isn’t going to stop her from doing her best to keep the show. The more time she spends with Logan and his son, the more she realizes she just might be falling in love with the straight laced, pin-striped wearing man.

Is there any way a woman living life on her own terms and a man who longs for stability, find a forever kind of love?

This is romantic comedy at its most subtle and finest. Melody is a wonderful character with a warm personality. She has her own baggage, but tries not to let it weigh her down too much. She sparkles with her own brand of magic. Logan is a sensitive hero who shows his true depth by the love he lavishes on his son. Both characters are able to grow during the story. They come to find truths hidden inside of them that make them strong enough to reach out for love. The secondary characters are nicely developed. The pace is steady and satisfying. Magic and love are woven into the story with a deft touch.

If you believe that magic and love go hand in hand, pick up Annette Blair’s newest book and be prepared to spend the afternoon enjoying Melody and Logan’s search for love.  Reviewed in August 2004 by Jenni.

Huntress Reviews

Logan Kilgarven and his four-year-old son, Shane, move to Salem, Massachusetts. (Logan had grown up in Salem as a bad boy until Judge Jessie Harris set him straight.) Logan knows that Salem is the perfect place to raise his son, under the watchful eyes of Jessie (now retired and giving cemetery tours, since Halloween nears) and his mother, Phyllis. Logan has already been hired by the TV station WHCH and is their new executive producer. Everything is looking up as Logan vows to put Shane's welfare above everything else in his life. What Logan did not expect was his sexy downstairs neighbor, rumored witch Melody Seabright.

With absolutely zero notice, Mel agrees to watch Shane so Logan may rush off to his first day of work. In return, Logan got Mel an interview with his boss, Max Peabody, for the star position on a new cooking show. Big problem is that Melody cannot even boil water or crack an egg without a disaster happening. But Melody knows how to play to an audience and becomes Salem's favorite magical cook on the new show "The Kitchen Witch"!

*****Add Tiffany, the station owner's spoiled daughter, into the mix for some spice. Blend with some lovable secondary characters, two playful kittens, and a dash of magic. Then bake the two main characters until they look ready to explode. When it all comes out, you will find this dish to be one hot and hilarious romp, guaranteed to satisfy! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!*****   --Detra Fitch


Logan Kilgarvin might wonder if “flighty, unpredictable, and quite possibly a witch,” Melody Seabright, will be an acceptable baby-sitter for his four-year-old son, Shane, but he is desperate to find someone to watch Shane for a few hours. Logan, once a near juvenile delinquent, has just returned to Salem and is the new executive producer at WHCH TV. Melody will sit for Logan in exchange for an interview for a cooking show on WHCH. Seems fair to Logan, and he agrees.

Melody is more or less a “Jill of all trades,” and has had seven different jobs in the past year. She really hasn’t found her niche yet, but feels that she would be perfect for the new cooking show on WHCH, despite the fact that she cannot cook. She and Shane have a great time trying to prepare food in her kitchen, but have more fun making a mess together. Sad to say, four-year-old Shane is a better cook than she is. However, when she goes for her interview with the station’s General Manager, her body, and sex appeal gets her the job. It is decided that the show will be called “The Kitchen Witch.”

Logan was not married to Shane’s mother, Heather, and getting her pregnant might have been the second dumbest thing he ever did, but he has never considered Shane anything but a joy. He was delighted when Heather gave up her parental rights to the child, and Logan was able to adopt his son. It has been hard on Shane adjusting to live without his mom, and the smiles and laughter that should come easily to a child his age have been absent. That is, until his neighbor, who just might be a witch, brings joy to his son. Witch or not, Melody Seabright is the best thing that has ever happened to Logan and Shane.

KITCHEN WITCH is nothing short of “bewitching!” Annette Blair’s contemporary romantic comedy debut is full of charm, humor, sensuality, and outstanding secondary characters. Melody is delightful and full of surprises. Logan tries so hard to be a sedate, responsible adult, but is soon captivated by his kitchen witch, and wants the magic she brings to his life to last forever. This is an easy-reading, reader-pleasing story that makes you feel good all over.  Betty Cox,

Romance Reader at Heart

4 Rose Read Do you believe in magic?

If you don't before reading THE KITCHEN WITCH, you might well believe after reading Annette Blair's first venture into the contemporary romance arena.

This story is pure magic. From a vibrant heroine to a sensual hero and a host of engaging secondary characters, THE KITCHEN WITCH is pretty darn captivating.

Conjure up a quirky, upbeat, intelligent, charming heroine and Melody Seabright is your girl. This endearing character meets her match in reformed—or is he?—bad boy Logan Kilgarven. Together this pair rocks. Melody may or may not be a witch, but she certainly casts a spell over Logan.

Packed with gobs of sexual tension, THE KITCHEN WITCH sizzles into an almost burning inferno. Ms. Blair's writing is as smooth as a fine Kentucky bourbon. Her vivid, well-defined characters grabbed my attention from the first page. The often humorous situations the characters find themselves in kept me reading.

Sexy? Most definitely. Fun? Absolutely.

Ms. Blair can spin quite a yarn. Her first contemporary romance is top notch entertainment.  --Debbie Jett


The Kitchen Witch 

     Logan is reserved when Melody is recommended to him for a sitter. The woman was rumored to be a witch and he had to watch out for his son. But when Melody opened her front door to him he was positive she was a witch. Logan had become instantly enchanted as well as his son.

       Melody falls in love with the young boy that seemed to hurt inside. She knew what it was like to need, to feel loved. Now that Melody had landed the job at the local television station as The Kitchen Witch, she had better learn to cook. Logan and his son help her in that area.

     But lots more is cooking in the kitchen as Logan and Melody fight the attraction they have for each other. Even the miles Logan puts between them is not enough. With one episode, and a chant, three lives become one and a love beyond the stars is born.

     “Enchanting ! Funny! Wonderfully Written !” This book had me in its spell, no doubt about it! Reader Beware. Once you start this book, you will not be able to put it down. Absolutely awesome. Melody is so outrageous and I don’t remember the last time a book had me laughing so much. “Fun and Exciting !” You will not be disappointed.  --Shelina Emery

Romance Reviews Today


Berkley Sensation

ISBN: 0-425-19881-2, October 2004

Contemporary – Romantic Comedy 

Salem, Massachusetts – September 2004


Logan Kilgarven has just returned to his hometown, has a new job, and needs a sitter for his precocious little boy Shane. He’s moved into the apartments next to the one woman who helped him turn his bad boy life around – former Judge Jessie Harris.  Jessie promised to be there for Logan if he ever needed her help, but when he desperately needs it, Jessie is committed to giving ‘cemetery tours’ and has to turn him down. She does her best to point Logan towards a sexy young neighbor many believe to be a witch. She tells Logan that Melody Seabright is the one person who can relate to a little boy whose mother has just given him away. He’s desperate to find someone immediately, and since Jessie is a retired judge and has a natural instinct to find the good in people, Logan knocks on the outrageously painted door of the eccentric neighbor who dresses in vintage clothing to ask a favor.


Melody Seabright hasn’t been able to keep a job, proving her rigid – all business, no play father right; that she’s irresponsible and unable to support herself. The knockout sexy woman agrees to sit with Shane – IF the executive producer of WHCH TV (Logan) will arrange to get her an interview for a job at the station. With only twenty minutes left to get to work, Logan has no choice but to agree. He arranges for Melody to interview for a secretary position and she laughs at him. She wants a cooking show and has convinced Logan she will settle for nothing less.  Now there’s a little problem here – Melody cannot cook!

Melody puts together a convincing presentation – even to naming her show THE KITCHEN WITCH – and the station manager is absolutely blown away by her proposition. Gardner ends up accepting all of Melody’s proposals and she gets her show. I’m laughing here because what follows is a hilarious tale of fun and laughter.


Logan’s previous life was a total disaster and he was a rebellious bad boy. He was irresponsible while dating Heather, and she became pregnant. Heather refused to marry the poor Logan and took off with someone richer than he. It took Logan five years to track her down and when he did, Heather no longer wanted to be a mother and allowed Logan to adopt Shane. This leaves Shane fearful that everyone will abandon him, and he’s whiny, clingy, and afraid to be left anytime, anyplace – until Melody finds him.  Jessie was right – Melody is the one person who is able to bring out the fun loving little boy hiding inside of Shane. Melody has her own insecurities; her father is a stuffy businessman with no time to shower any love; he believes money is the cure-all. 


Take a threesome with troubles of their own and mix them together with a talented author named Annette Blair who has a hilarious sense of humor she’s able to put into words on paper; add a fun secondary cast of characters, and you have THE KITCHEN WITCH, the first in a trilogy. This tale will have you laughing out loud through the entire story until you get to the last few pages when you’ll be having happy emotional tears as the perfect ending is written. This story is bound to life your spirits as you chuckle through it, and I highly recommend it for your reading pleasure.  --Carol Carter

Romance Fiction


Annette Blair, Berkley Sensation, October 2004

ISBN:  0-424-19881-2

Salem, Massachusetts - Present Day


Logan Kilgarven gets an opportunity to start his life over with a clean slate in his hometown of Salem. As a youth, he was almost a juvenile delinquent, and only the influence of Judge Jessie Harris kept him out of jail. Logan is now the executive producer for WHCH TV.  Not only does he have a new job, he was recently awarded full custody of his four-year-old son, Shane. The child’s mother, who was never married to Logan, decided she’d rather hang out with a motorcycle stuntman than raise her son, and agreed to let Logan adopt him. Logan has heard rumors that Melody Seabright, the lady in the apartment below him, is a witch, and is appalled when Jessie suggests Melody to take care of Shane.But when an emergency comes up at the television station and neither Logan’s mother nor Jessie can watch Shane, Logan knocks on Melody’s door to ask for a favor.


Melody is running late for a job interview as a female vampire for the fall tourist season at Drak’s Castle when Logan knocks on her door. He has to do some serious talking to convince her to babysit for him, and eventually promises her a job interview at WHCH. He’s thinking of something in the office; she’s thinking of a new cooking show.  


Melody has had seven different jobs in the past year, but none of them held her interest. She can’t boil water, but she has sex appeal and knows showmanship, and these qualities so impress the station owner that he hires her, and playing on her reputation, names the show The Kitchen Witch. When Melody asks Shane to give her cooking lessons, she transforms a sad, confused little boy into a happy, fun loving four year old. Wanting to share in the happiness his son has found with Melody, Logan decides he doesn’t care if she is a witch or not--she is the best thing that ever happened to him and his son.


THE KITCHEN WITCH is a delicious feast, with a main course of romance and side dishes of humor and sensuality. Melody is an enchanting free spirit, with the gift of bringing love and joy to all around her.  She is able to break through Logan ’s stiff, upright persona and bring out his inner child, which he neglected years ago.   The secondary characters are also outstanding and bring laughter to the table.  This is Annette Blair’s first venture in contemporary, romantic comedy, and it is a knockout lead-in for a new trilogy.   I can’t wait for the next installment! Mz Dixie, Romance Fiction

The Romance Reader's Connection

Annette Blair, Berkley  Sensation
ISBN:  0-425-19881-2
October, 2004, Contemporary Romance

Melody Seabright has vowed never to  marry or have children after growing up the only child of a mother who never  wanted her and a father who threw money at her rather than give her his time or  ttention. Having held a series of low-paying jobs, none of which suited  her, Melody makes the most of an unexpected opportunity to coax Logan Kilgarven,  new manager of the local TV station, into letting her audition for a new cooking show for the channel.  Logan agrees, simply because he's convinced that  Melody has no chance of succeeding, given that she can't even boil water.  No one is more surprised than Logan when Melody blows the station owner away  with her proposal for a show she plans to call "The Kitchen  Witch."

Logan is something of a stuffed shirt, a surprise to locals  who remember him as a shoplifting hoodlum.  His responsibilities as father  to four-year-old Shane have changed Logan's priorities, however, forcing him to  struggle against his desire for Melody, who seems to be as flaky and unreliable  as Shane's mother was.  Melody and Shane hit it off, but Melody's  insecurity about her childhood and Logan's determination to overcome his past  keep the course of love bumpy and unpredictable. There's something about  the air in Salem, though, because love blooms all around the couple, as Melody's  distant father thaws under the influence of Logan's mother; and Jessie, the  judge turned tour guide who first believed in Logan, gets involved with the DA  who works for her.

Melody's cooking is every bit as bad as Logan  fears, but her charm and good looks overcome that minor handicap, and her show  is soon a runaway success.  Ms. Blair milks Melody's wardrobe for heat and  hilarity, creating vivid visuals to bring the TV show to life in readers'  minds.  Shane is an utterly believable four-year-old, neither too  precocious nor a baby-talking caricature.  The scenes between him and  Melody are beautifully warm and sincere, particularly Melody's first attempt at cooking, and Shane's narration of it to his dad.

Annette Blair has  chosen Salem, Massachusetts, as the setting for her funny, sexy, sizzler of a  story, and she makes full use of it.  Readers familiar with the city will  be pleased with the accuracy of its portrayal.  Ms. Blair notes some  changes made for the sake of a smooth narrative, but these in no way hinder her story.  THE KITCHEN WITCH is truly magical, captivating readers with its  artful blend of passion and playfulness.  Melody Seabright is a character  readers will remember for a long time, and Logan Kilgarven is a wonderfully  three-dimensional hero, frustrating in the bad choices he makes due to his  determination to do right by his son, wounded by his past, and ultimately redeemed by love.  Annette Blair has written an enchantingly memorable book  that is perfect for this Halloween season.  Don't be tricked by your  perception of her as a writer of historicals; treat yourself to this delightful  contemporary.  Mellanie Crowther

Roundtable Reviews

As executive producer at WHCH, Logan Kilgarven’s job is pretty important.  When he is called to the office, he becomes desperate for a babysitter.  His mom and friend are both busy, so he swallows his pride and asks his neighbor, Melody Seabright.

When Logan meets Melody for the first time, he is stunned.  The woman he believes to be a witch is drop dead gorgeous.  Hormones begin buzzing, but he is here for one reason only – his son.  When Melody agrees to watch his son in exchange for an interview at WHCH, Logan figures he’s safe.  There is no way Melody will ever get the job as host for their cooking show.  Little does Logan know, despite her lack of cooking skills, Melody has just enough magic to get the job.

THE KITCHEN WITCH is steamy, sexy and magical.  I laughed out loud at Melody’s kitchen disasters (not since Stephanie Plum have I read about exploding poultry); Logan’s attraction, which he spends plenty of time unsuccessfully trying to fight; and Logan’s precocious son, who happens to always have the most charming comments to add.  This book is delightful.  I can only hope that Annette Blair will consider coming back to Salem, Massachusetts and bringing more romance to its residents.  Tracy 

Fallen Angel Reviews

Melody Seabright is in a bit of a bind. She needs a job pronto, but instead of heading to a job interview, she’s baby-sitting her upstairs neighbor’s four-year-old son Shane! Before she agrees though, she makes Logan promise to get her a job interview at the local TV station, WHCH, for their cooking show. Never mind that Melody can’t cook to save her life. When she goes to the interview she charms the pants off of the station’s general manager Mr. Gardner, Melody lands herself a new job as WHCH’s Kitchen Witch. Everything is fine until the general manager sees Melody’s first live show, which is a disaster. He commands Logan to fire her, but then the ticket sales for her upcoming shows is announced and Mr. Gardner is ecstatic, but he threatens Logan that unless Melody learns to cook, Logan is going to lose his job.

Logan needs his job just as much as Melody does. He has to raise his son Shane and he wants to do it in a stable environment with a steady income. Melody’s flighty ways and the whisperings that she is a real witch don’t fit Logan’s image of the perfect mother. As much as he is attracted to her, he knows nothing can come of it because his number one priority in life is Shane. Melody has an equal number of reasons why she shouldn’t be so fascinated by Logan including the fact that he seems just like her dad, a workaholic father who is staid and set in his ways. She wants an adventurous soul to marry, someone who is willing to take some risks. Even so, she can’t help wanting to be a part of the Kilgarven family. Shane is a wonderful boy who she has come to love deeply and Logan is… well she’s still not sure what, but she knows her heart goes a little crazy when she’s around him. Maybe it’s time the Kitchen Witch uses a little magic to win the family of her dreams.

As Logan teaches Melody to cook, Melody teaches Logan the fun of spontaneity and that life has its own brand of magic. The cooking shows she puts on are a riot and are very well written so that the reader can almost see themselves in the audience, watching The Kitchen Witch. The cast of secondary characters provides many laughs and life lessons too.

Set in Salem, Massachusetts, The Kitchen Witch is an enchanting tale about the magic of love. Logan and Melody both have preconceived notions about each other, but they are forced to put those aside when they realize that there is something much deeper between them than lust. The cooking lessons turn into so much more as they explore the growing relationship between themselves, and they explore their pasts and what they would like from the future. Of course, what fun would a romance about a witch be without the villainous wicked witch? In this case, it’s the station owner’s daughter, Tiffany Peabody, who has her sights set on marrying Logan. She’s not above using a few evil “spells” to ensure that Logan and Melody are apart.

Annette Blair has written a laugh-out-loud funny story that not only showcases great characters, a captivating plot, and many tender moments, it also manages to work its way into the heart. The Kitchen Witch is a lot of fun to read, the perfect treat for the upcoming Halloween season.  Reviewed by: Sarah



Annette Blair – 0425198812 – 295 pgs – 10/04

"Funny, seductive story with unique, colorful characters & a touch of magical whimsy."     

Logan Kilgarven is in urgent need of a babysitter for his four-year-old son, Shane. Melody Seabright is in urgent need of a job. A bit wary of the rumored witch, Logan is desperate enough to strike a deal with his downstairs neighbor: if Melody will watch his son for the evening, he’ll get her a job at WHCH-TV. He has in mind a nice secretarial position; Melody will settle for nothing less than her own television show.


Melody casts her spell over the powers-that-be at the TV station and is soon the star of The Kitchen Witch. The fact that she can’t cook is incidental. Really, how hard can it be? When the first show turns into a “what not to do in the kitchen” episode, Logan realizes he must teach Melody to cook in order to save both their jobs.


Things heat up and sparks fly that have nothing to do with the delicious disasters the two cook up in Melody’s kitchen. While tempting the palates of Logan ’s mother and Melody’s father, the two find themselves tempted by a growing attraction. Despite the fact that everyone around them believes they’re perfect for one another, both are determined to fight their growing desire. Logan wants stability for his son, something he never had as a child, and a quirky, kooky witch doesn’t fit the mold. Melody spent her growing-up years aching for acceptance and is determined never to fit into a man’s mold of the perfect woman, no matter how deliciously attractive he may be.


Set against the perfect backdrop of Salem, Massachusetts, Ms. Blair’s THE KITCHEN WITCH is a funny, seductive story of a couple of unique people who must struggle to overcome their pasts to find a future together. A supporting cast of wonderfully colorful characters and a touch of magical whimsy make it a fun read. I liked it - you will, too!   Paula Myers  

The Library Dragon's Den  /5 stars 

I read this for a paranormal romance book club challenge, expecting it to actually be about a witch… IT’S NOT! Do NOT read this thinking it’s paranormal romance – it’s just some good ol’ straight up chick-lit/romance. That being said, this was a fantastic (and quick!) read.

Melody and Logan have instant chemistry (or “magic”) as only two unbelievably good-looking people can. Melody’s instant bond with Logan’s motherless son, Shane, is endearing and brings a whole new dimension – not to mention complications – to her relationship with Shane’s hot dad.

The characters are remarkably real (despite the aforementioned unbelievable good looks) and not the flat, 2-dimensional characters that one sees so often in romance novels. I fell in love with Melody for her beauty and her bravery, while loving her all the more for her ditziness, clumsiness, and willingness to give up on herself. Logan’s struggle with his own flaws makes him so much more real and endearing – not to mention giving Melody (and himself) needless trouble. It’s a classic tale of two people in love (or lust), constantly getting in their own way. Well-written, funny and charming, with scenes so hot you can feel the frustration, this is a great book.

I laughed, I cried, I laughed again, I cried some more, and then I laughed and cried at the same time.

Rating: /5 stars

If you liked this book,I'll go out on a limb and say try reading the other books in Annette Blair's Accidental Witch Series, My Favorite Witch (#2) and The Scot, The Witch and the Wardrobe (#3).






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