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Annette's Collection

A great picture of Travis & my husband and two of my shoe display cases.

I keep the oldest in the glass case.  Note the yellow roller skate

Slippers from 1870

'Chinese' by Bryce Bros 1880's

Attributed to Gillinder Glass 1870's

Top, Westmoreland Glass Frosted Grandma slippers.  Bottom, Fenton Carnival Glass hobnail cat slippers.

Westmoreland 'Grandma' slippers in milk or painted

1880's -- Designed by Herman Tappan, missing the largest.  His initials are in an oval on the bottom of each.

1960's condiment set with salt & pepper shakers, and mustard jar

Fenton Hobnail Cat Slippers -- Opalescent Glass on top & Milk Glass on bottom -- 1920's, 1930's & 1940's

Assorted Fenton Hobnail Boots -- 1970's to 1990's


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