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Title:  Hot Ticket, Author:  Julia London, Deirdre Martin, Annette Blair and Geri Buckley

Publisher:  Berkley Sensation,, ISBN:  0-425-20978-4

Reviewer:  Tallyn Porter

You Canít Steal First by Annette Blair, Rating:  4.5 Stars, Level:  HOT

Quinn Murdock has wanted to reevaluate her life.  With a controlling father, Quinn hasnít had the courage to live her own life the way she wants it.  Finally after quitting the VIP position of Murdock Inc. only to have her father announce his retirement so as to pass on the company to her, Quinn needed some time to find the courage to make her own decisions.  As a thirtieth birthday gift, Quinnís friends bought her luxury train ticket enroute to Florida.  But the train she is on is the Hot Ticket Express to Spring Training, a three day train ride hosted by the Boston Red Sox baseball megastar and playboy Juan ďTiago the StealerĒ Santiago.  Tiago hasnít seen Quinn since she left him the morning after graduation.  Thirteen years later Quinn still has an effect on him and he has three days to get some answers.  But are the answers worth losing the rest of his heart to her again? 

Annette Blair has created a very sexy, funny and passionate romantic tale about two people who havenít forgotten their first love.  Quinn and Tiago have known each other since they were five when she gave him a black eye for invading her sandbox.  She came from the rich side of town while he was from the wrong side of the tracks.  I really liked Quinnís character for her drive and intelligence.  Even as years passed, she still strives to make it on her own.  Quinn has lost the spirited young woman she used to be and being around Tiago has resurfaced some feelings buried deep down.  Tiago is one hot Latino!  Heís very confident and knows how to use his charm to the fullest.  Tiago also has a heart of gold which is a very commendable quality.  I found that these characters really mesh well together.  I love how they verbally and physically bait each other.  I really felt the connection between these characters which was like they were separated by just a few days instead of years.  Quinn and Tiagoís adolescence connection was strong but their reaquaintence as adultís just heats up the pages.  If all train rides were anything like Quinn and Tiagoís then where do I purchase my ticket?  Wow, Ms. Blair has definitely made me a new fan of hers.  You Canít Steal First stole my heart!  Tallyn Porter, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Canít Catch This by Geri Buckley, Rating:  4 Stars, Heat level:  SENSUAL

Lucky Charm by Julia London, Rating:  4 Stars, Heat Level:  SENSUAL

Same Rink, Next Year by Deirdre Martin, Rating:  4.5 Stars, Heat Level:  SENSUAL

A Romance Review

Baseball star Parker Price is on a losing streak. Traded to the New York Mets for some big bucks, Parker has been nothing but a let down according to Mets fans...and according to radio jock Kelly OíShay. Parker knows who is to blame for his poor performance and when he heads down to Kellyís radio station to give her a piece of his mind, he finds a lot more than he bargained for in Julia Londonís Lucky Charm.

Julia London brings her natural wit, charm and humor into play in her contribution to the anthology. Kelly and Parkerís sports sparring lights up the pages and the heat they create is more than enough to score a homerun.

In Deirdre Martinís Same Rink, Next Year, Tierney OíConnor is looking forward to the arrival of the hockey team the Buffalo Herd to her Chicago hotel. She has a standing date with the Herdís goalie, David Hewson. Their no-strings-attached affair is the highlight of the year for both, but the fear of getting to know each other on a personal level prevents them from making a full emotional connection. However, a Chicago blizzard is about to change all that.

Deirdre Martin brings the perfect combination of humor, romance, and sexual tension to play in Same Rink, Next Year. Watching Tierney and David go from virtual strangers to truly connected friends and lovers is very poignant. This is yet another winner from an author who knows how to hook a reader with her hunky hockey heroes and feisty heroines.

Easily the sexiest story of the bunch, Annette Blairís You Canít Steal First features Quinn Murdock and Juan Santiago, aka ďTiago the Stealer.Ē They were childhood friends and on graduation night, celebrated by losing their virginities together. However, they were separated and their feelings were put to the side as they grew up. Now a famous baseball player, Tiago is about to embark on his Hot Ticket Express train ride to spring training and Quinn, an unhappy businesswoman in her fatherís company, has just stepped on board. Suddenly, feelings once thought long gone are resurfacing and Tiago and Quinn have to decide if this time they can make a future together.

Though Annette Blair uses the often hackneyed clichť of the playboy athlete to describe Tiago initially, readers will be pleased to learn she veers sharply off that path to imbue Tiago with a forceful personality all his own. Quinn and Tiago create some very magnetic chemistry together and itís little wonder they canít keep their hands off each other. Annette Blair stole the show in this anthology with her side-splitting and moving story of two people who are finally finding their way back to each other.

Finally, author Geri Buckley introduces Lindy Hamilton and Josh Weldon in Canít Catch This. After Josh rescues Lindy from an encounter with her ex-boyfriend, they start chatting and sparks fly. Lindy canít believe the handsome Josh is interested in her but when the truth comes out that heís on a date already, Lindy is angry. So angry in fact that she invades the menís bathroom at the local sports arena. Now Joshís attention isnít the only attention she is receiving, but itís only Josh she wants. Can their initial rocky meeting lead to something more?

Canít Catch This is a pleasant read that shows lots of promise for Geri Buckley. Though the story started off a bit bland, my interest picked up as Josh and Lindy interacted more. I ended up with a positive impression of the story because Ms. Buckley made Lindy and Joshís love so special.

These four authors make Hot Ticket an engrossing read that romance and sports fans alike are sure to take into their hearts.  Sarah, A Romance Review

Michelle Buonfiglio, Romance: B(u)Y the Book, wnbc entertainment

I adore my father-in-law, Ron, for many reasons, not the least of which are his many useful mantras. Three of them have affected my life deeply.

Finish your degree.

Garlic is good.

When you go on vacation, don't sweat it: If you've got your money and your ticket, you've got everything you need.

Well, this summer, if you've got your money, and you've got "Hot Ticket," you've got everything you need if you're looking for hot contemporary love stories, go-get em' heroines, and snaxy bad boy heroes who know their way around a love scene.

"Lucky Charm," by Julia London: Sports radio host Kelly O'Shay's got a smart mouth and knows how to use it. But Kelly finds herself a little tongue-tied when New York Met Parker Price decides Kelly's jinxed his game, and sets out to reverse the curse.

"Can't Catch This," by Geri Buckley: When her ex kicks her to the curb, Lindy Hamilton exacts sweet revenge by keeping their high-end American Football League season tickets. Yet when the former squeeze tries to give her a hard time at a game, a handsome stranger in a Stetson gives her the time of her life.

"Same Rink, Next Year," by Deirdre Martin: Hotel concierge Tierney O'Connor's got a nice, monogamous relationship with David Hewson, a pro goaltender she sees once a year when his team's in town. He's pretty happy with the relationship, too. Until his team's stranded at the hotel during an icy snowstorm, and he finds spending more time with Tierney is just the thing to melt his heart.

"You Can't Steal First," by Annette Blair: Boston Red Sox star Juan Santiago never forgot Quinn Murdock, the girl from his youth who had no trouble forgetting him. Quinn's friends trick her into riding Santiago's fundraising "Hot Ticket Express Train to Spring Training," and Tiago seizes the chance to prove to Quinn he's not the player she thinks he is.

"Hot Ticket" is a consistent anthology. Each writer has a unique style and voice to recommend her. And each story is strong and appealing; not a weak one in the bunch - the bane of many an anthology aficionado.

It's a fun read, a sexy read, and, doggone it, a hot beach read if you're looking for one. So grab your money and, since you'll need a "Hot Ticket" to be all set -- Buy the book.


Authors: Annette Blair, Julia London, Geri Buckley, Deirdre Martin
Title - Hot Ticket (May 2, 2006)

How can a person read four hot novellas by four of their favorite authors this year? The answer is simple: Pick up a copy of "HOT TICKET" early May 2006. Don't believe me, you say? Too bad, because if you don't buy this gem you will miss one of the best anthologies of the entire year. I should know. I've been reading it. I will give you an example...

"YOU CAN'T STEAL FIRST" by Annette Blair is about a Boston Baseball mega-star named Juan Santiago (A.K.A. "Tiago the Stealer"). He not only steals bases, but ladies' panties. His collection is known about and envied nationally. It is also about Quinn Murdock (A.K.A. "The Mighty Quinn"). She has just become the president-elect of Murdock! Inc. Tiago and Quinn met at the age of five, when Quinn gave Tiago a black-eye. They became so called friends until they graduated high school. They were each other's "first". Now, around thirteen years later, he is on his famous train, "Tiago's Hot-Ticket Express to Spring Training". Quinn is literally shoved on board by her roommates/friends. For the next three days, Tiago and Quinn will get reacquainted with each other and perhaps hit a home run together.

See? And that is just an example. Two of the most unlikely people find romance where they least expect it. It is like Valentine's Day in May. I began reading and kept on until the last page had been read. A marvelous book that will have you standing up in the bleachers and cheering your heart out. Very highly recommended!  Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews



This anthology contains four wonderful love stories that will make you love sports (or maybe I mean sports heroes). It tugs at your heartstrings and makes you yearn for more. You'll love this collection.

LUCKY CHARM by Julia London - Baseball players are a superstitious bunch and nobody knows that better than Parker Price. Parker has been hired by the New York Mets for $110 million over seven years because he can hit. Not lately, though. Parker is in a gigantic slump. It doesn't help getting awakened each morning by cheerful trash jockey Kelly O'Shay, of Sports Day with Kelly O'Shay, insulting the way he's been playing baseball. Parker is convinced she's jinxed him. Her constant ridicule is killing him. Little does he know that the person behind that voice is the one to whom he could lose his heart.

Ms. London hits a grand slam with LUCKY CHARM. It's a fun and delightful charmer, taking us on a chase around the bases (collecting a couple of errors along the way), while we slide into home plate to win the game. And what a game it is! Don't miss the exciting ending.

SAME RINK, NEXT YEAR by Deirdre Martin - Once a year, Tierney O'Connor, concierge at a four-star hotel on Chicago's Miracle Mile, sees David Hewson, goaltender for the Buffalo Herd hockey team. For three years running, Tierney and David have enjoyed a one-night, no-strings- attached tryst. After a night of mind-blowing sex and making arrangements to meet again the following year, David prepares to fly with his team to their next game. But this year is different. David and Tierney wake up to a blizzard raging outside. Taxis aren't moving, the airport is closed, and the hockey team is stranded at the hotel with no letup in sight. David is a superstitious goalie. Any change in pattern could throw off his balance and affect his game. Spending more than one night with Tierney is making him very nervous. The last thing he needs is for him and Tierney to be a good match outside of the bedroom, as well as inside. David's dedication to his game could really be screwed.

Ms. Martin has written another Stanley Cup winner. SAME TIME, NEXT YEAR is delightful, witty and totally enthralling. You'll enjoy this wonderful story from first page to last. Ms. Martin never disappoints readers, and this story will completely captivate you.

YOU CAN'T STEAL FIRST by Annette Blair -- It's time Quinn Murdock finds the courage to face her father with her new career plans. But first her friends think she needs a rest and a special 30th birthday surprise. They book her on the "Hot Ticket Express to Spring Training" luxury train owned by the Boston Red Sox megastar Juan Santiago, aka "Tiago the Stealer." Can Quinn survive her surprise along with the handsome, charismatic Latino ballplayer from her past, whom she's never forgotten? He was her first -- as she'd also been his -- a powerful bond still lingering in her heart. This train is full of heartrending surprises. It turns into the most wondrous of journeys; one you'll long hold dear in your own heart.

Ms. Blair has gifted us with a unique and heartwarming story. YOU CAN'T STEAL FIRST captures a secret place, a private place, a blessed place, a tender place. An absolutely beautiful story you don't want to miss.

CAN'T CATCH THIS by Geri Buckley -- There's no more settling for a mediocre love life. Lindy Hamilton is not looking back but going forward toward new possibilities. In Row 1, seat 12, on the 25-yard line, things start looking up. Josh Weldon is a go-to guy, a venture capitalist, a workaholic and a high-priced middleman with a limited partnership in the Florida Moccasins, the new home team for the AFL's Southern Division. He meets Lindy at the first home game and definitely likes what he sees. He's spellbound by her fiery red hair along with her strong and feisty personality. Never has he met a woman who marches into the men's room at a public sporting event because the line is too long at the ladies' room. What a woman! There's some definite mojo working here and the momentum and heat is picking up speed.

CAN'T CATCH THIS is a delightful story, fun to read -- love at its best. It'll make you laugh, while it melts your heart at the same time. You'll be captivated.  Suzanne Tucker, Fresh Fiction


  Fun tales that showcase the thrill of a victorious relationship.

ďLucky CharmĒ by Julia London. New York Mets star Parker Price is in the throes of a terrible slump. Like many players he is superstitious and holds TV sports reporter Kelly OíShay at fault for his lack of production as her attacks have bothered him. His solution is to turn her into his biggest fan.-----------------

ďSame Rink Next yearĒ by Deirdre Martin. Goalie David Hewson and Tierney OíConnor are part-time lovers who always get together when he is in town playing the Blackhawks. However, this year a snow storm maroons them together giving them time to share more than just a sheet.--------------

ďYou Can't Steal FirstyĒ by Annette Blair. During a three day train ride, baseball superstar Tiago Santiago and his childhood friend Quinn Murdock meet for the first time in years. They are instantly attracted to one another and have three days to explore whether they can hit a home run together.------------

ďCanít Catch ThisĒ by Geri Buckley. Lindy Hamilton is an arena football season ticket holder. She attends the first ever home game of the Florida Moccasins in the arena, but has found even more excitement in the stands with Josh.-------------

This quartet of sports romances are fun tales that showcase the thrill of a victorious relationship ... if you team up with the right partner.---------- Harriet Klausner


Title:  Hot Ticket

Who says women, sports and jocks donít mix?  Four women will find out that these hunky men will have them interested in all of their plays.

In LUCKY CHARM by Julia London, an ambitious sport host and a star baseball player find out that superstitions and charms could all be in their heads.  In SAME RINK, NEXT YEAR by Dierdre Martin, a concierge and hockey goalie find that their yearly one night stand might not be enough anymore.   

In YOU CANíT STEAL FIRST by Annette Blair, a famous baseball player gets a chance to reunite with his childhood sweetheart during a train ride to spring training.

In YOU CANíT TOUCH THIS by Geri Buckley, a young woman decides to take back the season tickets she bought for her now ex-boyfriend.  She finds out that there is plenty to learn when she meets a guy in the stands.

HOT TICKET pairs four sport hunks with very different and vivacious ladies.  Even though they are short stories, they certainly didnít feel like it.  I liked how the characters were engaging and how their problems were resolved.  The stories didnít lag or seemed rushed at all.  The women are independent but do need a bit of reassurance every once in a while.  On the surface, the guys are macho but they have a softer, more private side that most donít see.  I believe the simple things like taking care of a sick person or a heartfelt confession to the one you love made each couple winners off the field.  This is a great anthology from beginning to end.  Game, set, match for HOT TICKET!  --Ann Romance Junkies


"Lucky Charm" by Julia London
Radio host Kelly O'Shay makes a living by taking on overpaid sports stars. Her latest target is Parker Price, a shortstop whose losing streak is only made worse by the public heckling he gets every day from Kelly. Parker decides the only way to break the streak is to turn Kelly from nemesis to fan.

"Same Rink, Next Year" by Deirdre Martin
Every year, concierge Tierney O'Connor hooks up with hot goaltender David when his hockey team stays in her hotel. They are perfectly content with their uncomplicated relationship - until a blizzard turns their one night stand into a steamy weekend.

"You Can't Steal First" by Annette Blair
When straight-laced business woman Quinn Murdock is pushed onto a train with a suitcase of sexy clothes by her friends and told to "loosen up", the last person she wanted to see was childhood boyfriend Juan Santiago (AKA "Tiago the Stealer"). Tiago is famous for not only stealing bases, but women's underwear. But if he wants to steal Quinn's heart, he must show her that he's not just playing the field.

"Can't Catch This" by Geri Buckley
Lindy Hamilton had been scrimping every penny to buy her boyfriend pricey tickets to the Florida Moccasins football game, but when she catches him wrapped up with a blonde, Lindy decides to keep the tickets for herself and make the ex rot in the nosebleed seats. She soon discovers that the real action is not on the field, it is in the stands...

Hot Ticket is a fun and funny ride. The reader does not have to be a sports fan to enjoy these highly entertaining and steamy tales. This is another wonderful collection from some of my favorite authors.


Joyfully Reviewed


Lucky Charm by Julia London

Kelly O'shay hosts a sports show on the radio.  Mets shortstop, Parker Price, is the current object of Kellyís comedic bashing.   Parker has had enough of Kelly putting him down and he's convinced that she is responsible for his bad luck on the field recently, so he heads down to the radio station to confront her.

Kelly and Parker hit it off instantly.  When Parker starts hitting better, he thinks Kelly might be his good luck charm and when things get bad between them and he starts hitting bad again he's convinced that Kelly really is good luck. 

With Handsome baseball player Parker, and witty and sexy Kelly, Lucky Charm hits a home run with this romantic and fun story!  I was cheering for Kelly and Parker from start to finish! 


Same Rink, Next Year by Deirdre Martin

David Hewson is the goalie for the Buffalo Herd hockey team.  Once a year the Herd comes to Chicago for a game.  They stay at the Barchester hotel where Tierney OíConnor works.  For that one night, Tierney and David have hot passionate sex then part ways until next year, but this year things change when a snowstorm keeps everyone stranded in the hotel.  As the days press on, David and Tierney get to know each other better, changing their relationship from mysterious to familiar and theyíre not sure that's a good thing.

I adore David and Tierney in Same Rink, Next Year.  This incredibly romantic and sensual story is heartwarming and sexy.  David is such a great guy and Tierney is a real sweetheart. They are magic together. 

You Can't Steal First by Annette Blair

Quinn Murdock and Juan " Tiago" Santiago met as kids playing in the sandbox and ended their relationship after losing their virginity to each other in high school. A surprise meeting thirteen years later on Tiago's party train stirs up more than just lust for Quinn and Tiago.

You Can't Steal First is such blast! It's a sexy and romantic story.  Tiago surprised me.  I pegged him as a real player at first.  Quinn is a lot of fun; sheís witty and pretty.  She and Tiago make a great team. 

Can't Catch This by Geri Buckley

Lindy Hamilton is attending the Florida Moccasins football game, courtesy of her cheating ex boyfriend.  She caught him cheating and took the season pass tickets that she got him, for herself.  She meets handsome Josh Weldon at the first game and instead of being down about her ex, Lindy is warming right up with Josh by her side, but with her history of picking bad boyfriends Lindy wonders if Josh will be the same.

Josh could charm the pants off any woman. He's handsome and witty and so good to Lindy.  Lindy is a great girl whose luck changes when she meets Josh.  Can't Catch This is a ton of fun and a really romantic story.

Take four hunky guys, four beautiful women and combine them with fun, sensual, and romantic stories and you get Hot Ticket, a fantastic anthology with each story as good as the next.   It's a winner in my book!   Nannette





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