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"Cold Dead Hand" Keeper Shelf

"I will give up this book when someone pries it out of my ... cold dead hand." Anna from Enfield, CT

Books Below are Out of Print & Hard to find:


Rogue 1, 2002 Rogue 2, 2002 Rogue 3, 2003 Rogue 4, 2004  


Amish Historical 1999 Contemporary Anthology, Trade Paperback, 2006 Thee, I Love has been brought to new and abundant life in JACOB'S RETURN.
Thee, I Love now JACOB'S RETURN Mass Market Reissue 9/09 still available
Thee I Love


Cover:  Thee, I Love, by Annette Blair, an October 1999 Zebra Splendor Release!





Early Regency Historicals 1999 Amish Historical, 2005 Victorian Historical, 2006

Cover: LADY FAITH, by Annette Blair, A Zebra Precious Gems Historical September 1999  release.

Cover: Lady Patience, by Annette Blaire, a June 1999 release from Precious Gems Historicals!








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