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Foreign Translation Covers from Around the World

A Veiled Deception is available in Brazilian
The Kitchen Witch

Excuse the "Local Author" sticker. Toddler loose in my office!

My Favorite Witch

The Kitchen Witch below & above is available in Thai, Taiwanese, Turkish-above, Chinese & German-below. My Favorite Witch below is available in Thai, Turkish, Chinese & German
The Scot, the Witch, and the Wardrobe soon available in German.

Sex and the Psychic Witch to


Gone with the Witch


Never Been Witched


Naked Dragon


Below: Lady Faith: Dutch Title means: Dangerous Medicine

Below: Lady Patience: Dutch Title means: Love or Freedom?

An Undeniable Rogue is available in ItalianLady Patience is also available in Korean

Below:  An Unforgettable Rogue in DutchBelow: An Unmistakable Rogue in Dutch

I think this is LADY PATIENCE--I'm not sure--don't know the language

An Unmistakable Rogue in Portuguese below





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