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Travis, 2nd Grade

Kelsey, Kindergarten


Look what Travis found at Target. Looks like SKIRTING THE GRAVE is 25% off. He's seen "Nana's" books at the library, but I think this was a first store sighting for him. He's become much more interested in my writing as he preps for 2nd grade. Also knows that Christmas Baby is dedicated to him.  As Kelsey knows that Scoundrel in Disguise is dedicated to her.

Laura, age 4, our GREAT-grand, who lives across the country, and her kitty, Chloe.

Halloween 2010: Strawberry Shortcake who probably knows what a little devil she has standing beside her.

L to R: Travis and Patrick, best friends forever.

Kelsey and Gracie.

Kelsey, dancing for the seniors.

Travis, accepting his diploma.

That's our boy!


Travis holding his diploma, Kelsey looking on.

The cool dude and the actress with a million expressions.



Christmas 2009

L to R: Kelsey, Briana, Travis

the family grows

Auntie Robbie gets married.  Travis, center, ring bearer.  Kelsey to his right.  Annette's daughter, Robbie, is the bride,

between her two new daughters, Esther, right & Anne, left.  In turquoise, the Maid of Honor behind her adorable daughter. 

Extreme left: Annette, mother of the bride, holding Laura, her brand new great-granddaughter.

Kelsey with Auntie Robbie at the shower No bride needed.  Just a ring bearer and a couple of flowergirls.
Our new little Laura Auntie Robbie at her bridal shower
Ring bearer and two of three flower girls in the playroom beneath the church.  Travis, back.  Kelsey center. Kelsey, maybe a bit overwhelmed at the wedding rehearsal.  LOL.
Kelsey at the bridal shower. Travis and Kelsey the ham at the aquarium.
Auntee and Kelsey at the aquarium. Kelsey and Travis in Nana's recliner.
Mother's Day, May 2008 at Nana Nette's
"Hello, Triple A?  I'm stuck. Please come." 

Yes, that's a quote.

I've had enough of her driving! 
Driving in Nana's backyard with Dad, and Uncle Bobby and case. I want to go and drive the car again.
Just checking for oncoming vehicles.  :) Daddy to the left, Uncle Bob to the right, Highway patrol.
New Year's Day 2007 at Nana Nette's
This is Kelsey playing possum. This is the real Kelsey.
If we could package energy, we'd be rich!  On the other hand, we're rich because we have them.
Here I am! Anything for a laugh.
Nana Nette's bed is a favorite playground.
Where are Kelsey and Travis?
Travis playing wth his grocery basket.  Kelsey, game for anything.   She loves that old Mickey Mouse hat with Annette on it.
Look at my mermaid doll.


Kelsey, pretending she's sleeping so she doesn't have to leave.
Christmas 2007
Playing with our Winnie the Poo house. "I love you PoPop."
Duck Duck can always make Travis smile. Kelsey having a swinging Christmas.
I'm getting tired.  It's been a long day.  

Happy Birthday

Kelsey age 2, Travis age 4, & big sister Briana . . .


We got cameras and took pictures of each other! "My hero!"  Yes, that's a quote.
Big sister, Briana, celebrated her birthday as well.  I egged her on to take that bite out of her goth girl cake! "I'm busy, Nana Nette."
We love our cleaning toys.
Kelsey & Diego. Kelsey and Dora the Explorer
Nana Nette picks them up at school and takes them for the afternoon.
Looks like Travis had a hard day.  Looks like Kelsey could get into some trouble.
Travis, perusing his favorite woodworking catalogue. Is she beautiful or what?

Favorites I hate go get rid of:



The stair landing is one of my favorite places to play at Nana's. Travis rearranged our nativity scene and included Nana's dragon collection at the manger, Figment among them.


Getting a piggyback ride from Uncle Scott.  (Note: Travis is wearing a pair of Nana's Lucky Witch Socks)  Below, Travis's toy box.



Left: Nana Mary holding Travis, Middle: Nana Nette holding Kelsey, Right: Grandma Anne.

Nanna Mary and Nanna Nette take Travis on his first Nana Day!
Travis spent a long time at the shark tank. Travis sitting in the jaw of a whale.
Yes, the parrot is real. Travis taking a picture of Nana Mary.
Wearing Nana Nette's sweater--because it was raining hard when we ran to the car--Travis is reading the only fish book we could find with cars in it.  As far as Travis is concerned, cars are an absolute requirement in any book. A delightful, successful, and tiring, first annual Nana Day!






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